Wednesday, October 6, 2010

only human.

i heart...
.reading the ads from the sunday newspaper.
.drinking coffee first thing in the morning.
.sleeping in on the weekends.
.trying new recipes.
.reading new books or reading old ones again.
.my iPHONE.
.the people in my life.
.someone who speaks from within.
.being able to call a friend and knowing there are always there.
.mac lipgloss.
.my sister who knows how to make me laugh.
.my daily conversations with God.
.honest people.
.nice, long, hot showers.
.phone calls vs. text messages.
.walks in the park.
.my faith.
.classical music.
.taking pictures of random things.
.my mommy's cooking.
.a smile from a stranger.
.getting my hair done by my awesome stylist.
.people with manners.
.newborn babies.
.people who don't make excuses.
.green lights all the way to work.
.smell of food cooking on the grill.
.being able to laugh at myself.
.my passion to be a better person everyday.


Carrie said...

This is a great post!

mixed girl said...

Thank you Carrie!