Thursday, March 1, 2012

just wait.

wait and listen to Him.

i'm really trying.

lately, i've been really struggling with this.

especially, during this season where i've been trying

to quiet my thoughts, and just wait on His guidance.

honestly, i've never whole-heartily tried...until now.

for the first time in my life...i can honestly say the Lord has truly humbled me.

i mean...

knock me to my knees,

spending weekends in bed,

crying at the drop of the hat...

i could go on, but i'll just stop there.

this is the real, raw and uncut verision of what i've been dealing with.

 i am forever grateful for this season, although it's been extremely difficult at times.

i have never felt this way.


i remain faithful in knowing He hears my prayers, cries, and will guide my steps.

 i'll admit...i've probably cried and pleaded with Him more in the last seven months.

i've learned He needs to be the center of my life.

that's all He wants from us.

amazing, how it took me moving to a completely different state,

being all alone for seven realize this.

but, this was probably His plan all along.

my heart yearns to hear Him and desperately wants to wait on Him.

this is tough.

i guess this is what happens when you pray for patience.

this is something most of us struggle with. right? i can't be the only one.

this blog ALWAYS speaks to my heart.

especially, during this season in my life.

The value of consistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will hear him.
- William McGill