Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 2: 30 day challenge

Day 2: meaning be hide your blog name

episodes of a mixed girl...

my blog name, comes from some of raw, uncut, and unedited events in my life. my family and friends are kinda like the cast in my own little sitcom, you as readers, are my audience and the director is the man up stairs. episodes of a mixed girl allows you a sneak peek into my daily life. my blog consist of my thoughts, opinions and things that occur in my life. i like to think of everyday as an episode, except there's no script to read from, no re-do's - its real life. my life.

**** mentioned in my previous post, i come from a multicultural background. that explains - mixed girl. my race doesn't define who i am, but it is something i take pride in. i feel blessed to have the best of both worlds. i'm proud of my American and Panamanian background. it's quite amazing how different people see me. some assume i'm white, Spanish, or Asian. growing up in a bi-racial family has it challenges, trust me. especially, growing up in the south. and, of course some would say...oh that stuff doesn't exist anymore. if you're one of those people, next time my mother and i go to the store, and i call out mom and people turn around with confusion on their face...tell me i'm wrong. just because were different complexions, doesn't mean were not related - sometimes i want to say..."yes, she's my REAL mom"!!! that stuff doesn't bother as much anymore. it amazing being able to fit into two completely different worlds, i guess that's one of the advantages of being multiracial.

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Lisa @ MMT said...

I came across your blog and your title intrigued me! I am also biracial, white (German) and Mexican. Being mixed has really been a large part of my life. I understand what you mean about the challenges of being mixed. So I just thought I would tell ya that and I hope to read more of your blog :)