Friday, October 15, 2010

i love days that start with F.

yeahhh, um not so much.
no partying going on for this chick.
this weekend will be a relaxing one for me. thank goodness! no weddings, birthdays or showers. after work, i plan on getting my run in and doing some studying...ekkkk!!! in family news: my baby sister beanie (nickname) recently moved to Charlotte with her boyfriend, so my parents and i will be visiting them on tomorrow. this means...cheesecake factory for lunch! sweet baby Jesus! my mouth is watering just thinking about it now...may have to run again Saturday and Sunday to work off what i plan to eat. sorry, but there is not way you go to a place like cheesecake factory and don't get the most delicious item on the menu and top it off with a slice of heaven. i just won't deny myself of that. so there :) and Sunday, i will begin attending a new church then more studying. story of my life right now.
pretty fun filled weekend huh?

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