Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 4: 30 day challenge

day 4: your parents

{meet jokie}
jackie + joe = jokie
these two wonderful people are my parents. i love them both very much! joe's actually my step-dad, but i consider him to be, just dad. my parents developed a friendship that soon turned into a fairy tale love story. i like to say i saw it coming. these two give me the inspiration, that true love does exist. they compliment each other very well. they have been married for five years now, and if you saw them, you'd think they were newlyweds. i couldn't ask for better role models in my life. its comforting to know someone always has your back, especially when its your family. i know, i can always count on them - don't know what i'd without them. i've always been a mommy's girl, so naturally we have a really good relationship. we've been through so much together. she's like the air i breathe. i'll admit its easy to take for granted what you've always had, and sometimes i realize i do take these two special people for granted. my parents are always willing to led a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and can provide decent advice. :) i hate to admit, 9 times out of 10, their always right. and i respect that. but, i guess when you reach parental status, being right all the time is just advantage. one day, when i have children of my own, i hope to be just like them.


LeeAnn said...

You look just like your mama!! I like a good fairy tale love story!!!

mixed girl said...

Yeah, I get that a lot! She's pretty, so I'll take it! LOL. Thanks!