Thursday, October 7, 2010

bundle of joy: coming soon!!!

{cute lil' mama}

{she looks ready to pop huh?}

my bestie randy (see above) had some super cute maternity pictures done this past weekend. isn't she gonna be one hot mama!?! her due date is October 14th; however, her precious baby boy is almost 8 friggin' pounds, so she's going to be induced tomorrow. i've been counting down till this day, so i can meet this little bundle of joy. its been an experience having my best friend being pregnant, and seeing all the joys i have to look forward to one day. most of her pregnancy, i've tried to keep up with my work outs and eat healthy, but she's been a bad influence. hey, what are friends for right? lol. now we both have a goal to get this woman back in shape once she gets use to being a new mama. c'mon on out little buddy, were all waiting to meet you!!!

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