Friday, December 30, 2011

you soooooo funny.

i'm pretty entertaining, eh? :p

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

get in my belly.

what i've been eating lately...
according to my iphone :)

1. homemade white chocolate pretzel bites
2. mother/daugther time. cheers :)
3. typical Spanish dinner: meat, rice and beans.
4. bento box. yum.
5. homemade chocolate chip cookies.
6. more baking by my mamma. she found this recipe on pinterest. 
got her hooked already! hehe.
7. lil' Starbucks date with one of my girls.
8. fruit basket from one of our customers.
9. Bojangles. welcome to the south.

gosh, this makes me look like a fat ass :/

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hi there!

hey lil' muffins! 
i'm back home in NC. yay!
i'm soaking in every second of being here...
spending time with family/friends, shopping, baking...all the christmasy stuff :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

gratitude, love and change.

my heart is so full.
i've finally come to peace with being in pa.
God has been with me along this difficult journey, and He
 continues to guide me on this amazing adventure.
my heart is full because...
He is answering my prayers.
of course on His time, not mine.
God is continuously giving me a loving and forgiving heart.
i feel it. and, this makes me so happy.
i've asked Him to change me.
to help me become the woman i was created to be.
slowly, but surely He is doing just that.
this makes my heart smile. BIG.
God, knows i'm not perfect nor do i try...
but, everyday He gives me another chance to do better.
to learn. to grow. to love. to smile. to spread His word.
my heart is so full because.. He loves me more than i can imagine.
this move to pa has certainly made me cling onto my faith,
and i have no plans on letting go.
i wonder if this was His plan all along.
He is the glue in my life.
i'm overwhelmed with gratitude.
what an amazing feeling...words cannot describe.

i pray everyday for all of my bloggie friends...
you guys certainly have helped me during this chapter in my life as well :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

straight like indian hair and trueblood freak.

if i watch anymore trueblood...

i'm gonna turn into a vampire.

anyone else watch this show?

i just finished watchin' the first three seasons.

lovethiscrazytwistedstrangeshow :)

annnnndddd....look here...

someone got straight hair.

i haven't straighten my hair in three months.

i've gotten the funniest reactions at work, but everyone thinks i look like a completely different person.

whadda you think?

straight or curly?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

my celebrity bff.

ellen and i would totally be BFF's in real life. i wish! love her!!!