Monday, April 25, 2011

you blog? but...why?

A lot of my friends and family don’t know I blog… And, I kind like it that way.

Sometimes even the closes people to you can be the most judgmental.

The people in my life who know about my blog…ask “What do you blog about?”….

For me…my blog is my personal “PUBLIC” online journal.

Of course, I don’t expose my whole life story with all the nitty gritty details, but just offer a little peek inside my world.

One thing I love about blogging is…. That I’m able to look back at old posts and see how much I’ve grown and I can laugh at me!

At first I thought blogging would be difficult. Expressing myself has always been one of my biggest challenges. Why?

I tend to be an emotional person. Not the over dramatic type, but I’d like to think God has blessed me with a very big, loving heart.

Seriously, I cry at the drop of a hat.
(i get picked on allllllll the time for this)

Especially when it comes to talking about my faith, family or very close friends….those three things are my life.

They make me…well, me!

Rewind...let me go back…I can express myself, but maybe in not the best way others can understand. When it comes to certain people I have a hard time expressing myself.

Okay, fast forward....

For the most part I try to blog about happy, uplifting, positive, funny, cute kinda stuff, but this doesn’t mean I don’t have my off days. Have you met my evil twin? Kidding!

Although, my blog is for me and my personal growth…I also try to inspire others with encouraging words or pictures.

Sometimes, when I’m having these off days, I come here and read all of your posts and my spirits are instantly lifted. I mean doesn't take much to make me, fashion, vacations, babies, and did I mention food?

I’m sure there’s not one post of mine, where I don’t talk about my faith, God or gratitude. And, it’s not to come off as the Christian, bible bearing person in your face, but because those things have helped me get to where I am today. They helped me get to this place...where I'm suppose to be. I look around and say, “So all of that stuff had to happen for me to get here?”…I can only picture God looking at me shaking His head, saying… “Yes, Ashley. I don’t know why you thought you had all of the control”. All I had to do was let him take the steering wheel...simply amazing!

I blog because self expression is healthy not matter what the topic is. And, blogging for me is refreshing.

why do you blog?


Sam {} said...

isn't it weird how we can write personal things for strangers to read but then get freaked out when friends/family find out we blog?! happens to me all the time.

Kristyn said...

So true. Most of my family doesn't know I blog either. My parents do and sometimes I wish they didn't. But when I get that feeling... I know I need to post the thing that gave me that feeling. Family and friends do judge, I'm learning to be okay with that. It's okay for someone to disagree with me. That's new for me to say.

I blog because there is too much in my head and I need a place to get it out. Plus, like you said, how much fun is it to look back on things? I love it. Everyone should document.

Katie said...

Girl, I feel the same! A friend asked me this weekend about my blog and I was like.."um...uh...yeah, I have one"

melifaif said...

I get you. Sometimes I cringe when my mom says, "Oh, have you seen Mel's is so terrific!" And they say, "Oh! Really...what's the site?!" { about something else real quick...they'll forget!} I LOVE blogging. I love the "friends" I have made through it all. But, I blog for ME. No other reason.

Jess said...

You know, I have been thinking about this very question so much because I feel like it's hard for ppl in real life to understand what blogging means. Some people think it is so self-centered. But honestly, I blog because I know I have a life that God has given me and a voice to speak, and I want Him to be glorified. I think we all have a story and can inspire someone else. Keep doing what you are doing!

Faith said...

not all my friends/family know i blog, i like it that way ... haha.

i love the fact that in a few years i can go back and remember a few things that i will already forget ...

for instance, i needed help with a recipe yesterday and i remembered i blogged about it and there i got my recipe ... haha.

i blog because it is such an outlet and we all need an outlet! :)

Claire Kiefer said...

You know, I'm not sure I could answer the big question about WHY I blog, but I can say that it's connected me with an amazing community of people. So supportive, so fun, and I've made some seriously great life-long friends. Who knew? I also find it's a way to stay connected--lots of my family and friends read my blog and therefore get automatic updates. Not that it replaces regular communication!

Anonymous said...

i am like you, not all of my friends/family know i blog. i don't even post any link on facebook of my posts, not even on my twitter page. i think it's one of those "places" where i write for me, so people who are just going to create drama around it shouldn't be there in the first place. it would be so rad looking back to all the stuff i wrote 15 years from now.

bananas. said...

i dunno...out of boredom? cuz i can? hahaha.

i keep my blog pretty public to everyone but my work. i like to keep them separate from my "real" life. hence why i'm not friends with coworkers.

ema:leigh said...

I keep my blog away from facebook and most of my "in real life" friends. It's my safehaven... it's my place. And I like it that way. I do tweet, but most of my twitter friends are social media friends, people who I will more than likely never meet. Sad, but I think that's ok. I think of them all as friends I carry around in my pocket! :)

Nini said...

And boy am I glad you blog. Cause it gives readers like me a place to come and find happy uplifting thoughts! Keep on blogging! You're adorable Ashley!

amy b.s. said...

you hit the nail on the head about blogging. i didn't know a few family members even knew about my blog and it's definitely gotten me into trouble!