Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i don't know about you, but i use my camera phone wayyyyyyy to much!

i'm pretty random and take pictures of random things, so that explains why i'm easily amused.

here are some pictures captured by my lovely iPHONE... 

{left} laying (frying) on the beach day after half marathon.

{right} sign i made for myself for the race. haha. 

collection of random pictures of yours truly.
i promise i'm not conceited. def, looks that way! lol

most of the pictures are from sitting at my tiny cube. (gotta entertain myself somehow)

...i promise i'm not an alcoholic.

{1} pretty cactus flower at my desk.

{2} my beautiful and crazy god-children. they just got done playing in mud! kids!

{3} me and my god-son in the pool. okay, don't judge the plastic cap. i just got my hair done and didn't wanna mess it up, and the kids begged me to get in! that's my story and i'm sticking to it! (last year)

{4} i work for Volvo and i went to the Dublin,VA Volvo plant.

maybe, i'm the only one who does this. but, when i'm in a huge dilemma and need some advice...i try it on, take a picture and send it to my bff or sister. so that's what i was doing here. i actually ended up buying both dresses! :) who can pass up the great deals at forever21? love 'em!

{1} bumper sticker: pirate girl lookin' for booty...
one of the girls i run with loves anything pirate, so i had to take a picture and send it to her.

{2} yummy chocolate cake made by my mommy!

{3} my husband Derek Jeter. perhaps you know him?

{4} beer shopping.

i probably have way over 60 pictures on my phone, but i figured i save you from veiwing a bunch of random pictures. lol. it just made me laugh to look at all of the random pics i've collected over the years.

hope you have a great hump day! :)


Katie said...

phone pics are the best! And I'm slightly upset to see that my husband {you know, Derek}, is living a double life. Shame shame. :D

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ooooh i super love the pictures. Camera phones are just so handy aren't they. I have a dslr but I just can't seem to take it everywhere with me, the next best thing is my camera phone. =)

melifaif said...

I need to do this too. I have SO many pics on the phone. It's crazy. And um...I am getting off work early. Can I meet you wherever they serve the red and white frozen concotion. Yes, please...and another. M-kay? Thx.

Anonymous said...

i love your collage, and your curly hair! hahaha, i think all of us have been to a f21 fitting room and looks like they all look the same from everywhere! oh, and thank you for the glimpse of mr. jeter. maybe it's time to do a post about him :)

Ashley said...

these are amazing! such a fun life you have. and i love me some forever 21!!

Emily said...

Bahahahah on the hair cap. You are brave for wearing it in public. I rip mine off the moment I get out of the shower cause I can't even stand looking at myself w/it on. haha

I do the dressing room pictures too, no worries. ;)

ema:leigh said...

girlllll... I have over 247 pics on my iPhone camera. and those don't include the ones that I still haven't transferred from when I had to get a new iPhone last September.

Love the F21 1 shouldered dress. Need to go dress shopping soon myself for weddings this summer! :)