Thursday, April 28, 2011


Right now the southern states of our country are getting hit hard -
Praying for those affected by these awful storms.

As I’ve stated before I work for Volvo. We have several Volvo and Mack dealerships across the southern states. A young man (one of our dealers sons) attends the University of Tuscaloosa, luckily he made it out safely without a shirt on his back and with his cell phone as he helped others get to safely. He had to stay in a shelter last night due to the mess caused by the storms last night. This is just one of the stories, I’ve heard about the awful damages caused by the tornado's. According the the Associated Press, dozens of tornado's have killed at least 200 people in six Southern states and there are a million people without power in the state of Alabama. I'm praying God watches over these people and gives them the strength to get through this tough time.

Please keep those people in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!


melifaif said...

I know..I am shocked and sadden. Mother Nature likes to remind us who is in charge. And she never ceases to amaze me with her power and fierocity!!! Prayers, no doubt.

Sam {} said...

so sad and scary. praying constantly!

Kristyn said...

Yuck, tornados. I don't even like writing the word. They scare me and they are so unpredictable. :(

Happy news... I drive a Volvo. And I LOVE it. Dreading the day we buy a new car.

Rianna Bethany said...

My thoughts are out there to the people effected. Me and my grandma were watching the news earlier and we just couldn't believe what our eyes were seeing, it looked like some kind of horror scene out of a movie. Just not real.


Nini said...

Last I saw the toll was up to 247. All the affected states are in my prayers. I can't believe it, its so surreal.