Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello, Good morning...

don't you?

i'm soooo happy to welcome Friday with open arms. if only...five o'clock could get here sooner.

this was my breakfast this morning! yummy, right?

 jealous? yeah, me too because clearly i woke up to realize it was just a dream :(

the dream was so real, i think i even drooled a little bit...attractive, eh? ha ha

oh, Kate! you made such a stunning bride!

"THE DRESS"...i have no words. i've always been a huge fan of lace when it comes to wedding dresses...i will definitely have a lace dress of my own (:

how's that for motivation to get out of bed? i need that in my life some days...

but, now that i have a trainer... 

who has a body like this...yes, he really does!

its not hard to see him twice a week! 30 minute workout lessons with him are just way too short sometimes! kidding :) okay, not really. if he didn't make me do hard stuff...i might actually like him...he's hard core!

tomorrow morning, i'm running in my first 5K since running the half marathon eariler this month. why, am i nervous? 3.1 miles versus 13.1 is a piece of cake, right?

anyhoo, hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend :) enjoy!


Anonymous said...

LOL, when i saw that photo, i was like ,"wtf, where in the world is she having that breakfast?!" sadly, i'm not a fan of lace, i think it reminded me of my granda (i love her dearly) but too many doilies at her house when i was young and she always made we wear these dresses with ruffled laces! whew!

Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Good luck on the 5k and um....can I borrow your trainer :)


Ashley said...

you are hilarious! trainers are SUCH motivation aren't they? good luck on that 5k - you'll kill it!

Emily said...

Is that your trainer? And seriously? He looks like that? crazy...

Hope your 5K was superb and you're having a wonderful weekend yourself.

LOVED Kate's dress and that picture of her is my favorite.. so breathtaking.