Friday, June 3, 2011

my name is ashley, i'm so very fly...oh my it's a little bit scary!

"Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful...
all my ladies do the pretty girl rock rock rock"

love this song...its on repeat on my ipod :)

love is in the aiirrr...

maybe it just me, but i looovvvvve cute relationships like the ones below...

i'm a hopeless romantic and a huge sucker for l.o.v.e...
{don't judge me for my sick, strange, totally not normal 
obsession with these celebrity couple...pppleeeasse}

jT and jessica biel are constantly photographed running together.
i think its cool that they workout together so much.

khole and lamar are too darn cute to me.
they seem to balance each other out so well.
can't wait too see what they're babies will look like.

justin bev and selena...who doesn't love young love?
they've been caught kissing just about everywhere. lol.

j.lo and marc = serious powerhouse couple.
adore bother of them.

seal and heidi represent mature love to me.
they always speak so highly of each other
and always look so happy together.

victoria and david took over Hollywood by storm.
lets face it...these two British lovelies are total 100% hotties!

will and jada, another powerhouse couple.
i just love how tall he is and how short she is...
they look sooo cute together!

"It's YOU. You mean everything to are the first into my head in the morning when I wake up, my last thought before I go to bed, you smile at me in my dreams, when you are sad I feel sad and when I see your true smile, I feel incredible, like there is no other thing around and all I can see is you."

okay, enough with all the lovey dovey business...

hope you beauties have a wonderful weekend :) enjoy!!!


Sam {} said...

hahaha!! i LOVE celeb couples too :)

Nini said...

I love, love, love Khloe and Lamar. They do balance each other out perfectly. Everytime I watch their show I'm like "Awwww".

Emily said... know JT and Jessica broke up right? Get with the times girl... haha

Have a great weekend catching up on the celebs. haha

Marz said...

Isn't it SO sad that JT And Jessica broke up?! :( I loved them together too! I love all the couples on your list :) I would add Beyonce and Jay Z and Brad and Angelina (despite however they hooked up in the beginning, I love how family oriented they are!), Tim McGraw and Faith Hill :)

Have a Happy Weekend doll! xo

inHERshoes said...

love this song! thanks for sharing. khloe and lamar are my favorite - i'm biased because i'm from L.A. and so is khloe (of course, her hubs plays for the lakers, so that's always a plus! haha), but i think khloe is sooo funny and down to earth. lamar is that way, too, but not as crazy as khloe! if i ever get the chance to road trip with someone, i'd choose khloe. i'd never be bored!

Megan said...

Justin and Selena are SO adorable! Seriously, the cutest things ever!!