Wednesday, June 1, 2011

chicago trip re-cap.

i'm back.

i miss Chicago and my dear friend already...
{insert sad pouty face}

i had a fabulous time and have discovered i'm totally a city girl at heart.

beware: picture overload below :)

cubs vs. pirates game 05.27.11 

view from john hanncock building.

love and marriage.

the hershey store. cavity city baby! 

in heaven.
twizzlers make me one happy girl.

the windy city made my hair a puff ball of curls!
chowing down on some thai food after a day of shopping. 

miss you chi town.

now...onto catching up on my favorite blogs 8]


Young and Fabulous said...

so a few things..

one, 100% completely utterly jealous of your curly hair. ADORABLE! I have wavy hair but would love to be able to make it curly like that, and then straight! ugh so cute!

two...i forget if you tweeted or facebooked a pic of someone in the John Hancock building but I saw it and got SO excited and thought you were in Boston because theres a john hancock building here! haha

looks like a fun weekend! i have never been to chicago but heard lots of great things about it. I want to see that giant BEAN!


Kristyn Ellen said...

I LOOOVE your curly hair -- so pretty! When I'm in Chicago I'm a city girl too. I adore it. Glad you had a fun trip!

Courtney B said...

LOVE the pictures!! I am dying to travel to Chicago..someday! I guess I'll be living vivariously through you for now :)
LOVE your curls!

melifaif said...

Great pics, Ashley!!! I adore the view from the building!!! And I LOVE your hair....lookin' sassy.

Emily said...

Love the picture of you in your hat in the car. So darn cute!

It looks like you had a great time there. One day I'll have to go myself.

Nini said...

Love the pics!!! I love Chicago so much. Its my 2nd favorite city! From your pics you had a great time.

Sam {} said...

your curly hair is soooo cute! totally jealous :)

Ashley said...

the cubbies? uh oh! i'm a white sox fan! haha however i do LOVE chicago! i never got to see the bean though - total bummer. you look like you had such a fun trip!

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Great pics Ash! You look so cute! So glad you had a blast in Chicago! Now you can plan your next trip to come visit me! Sounds good? Great! :)

Faith said...

i want to visit Chicago so bad! the pictures make me want to go there even more!

loving your hair ... Chi town is perfect for it! :)

you looked beautiful and I love your maxi dress!

LeeAnn said...

Um I loooovvee your pictures HOWEVER you need to get that Hat off your head! You are a Yankee fan!! Although I know when in Chicago do as the cubs do... I know I know!! THe hat looked cute on you! That dress you are wearing is freaking awesome girl!

Marz said...

I have loved looking at all your Chi Town pics!!! :) You're sooo pretty! :) Loving your curls!! I absolutely LOVE Chicago and am so glad you had a great time. You know I've been there twice now and still have yet to see the Giant Bean?? haha next time for sure :) It's so funny because you're a Yankees fan and I'm a Rangers fan, but I bought a Cubs shirt when I was there last time because it was too dang cute and now it's one of my favourite shirts! ha :)