Thursday, June 23, 2011

cause we like him, and we like him too...

in the words of lil' Wayne...

okay, NOT really...but if i had my choice...
{that is if we lived in a disease, judgemental free world and the participates were willing, lol.}

just kidding. seriously, enough with the hoeish talk...

you guys are probably shaking your heads. sorry. lol
don't judge me please :)

i just like to look....

here's some eye candy...

disclosure: please DO NOT stare at the pictures for too...
you may start to fantasize, feel a tingling sensation and
have to change your under garments. just sayin'.

maybe, its just me.
hey, i'm honest!

here's my list....
clearly, i don't discriminate :)
{"give me some of the yum-yum, chocolate chip, honey dip, can i get a scoop?"}

i'm sure everyone has a secret list.
at least, i hope so.

1. Lance Gross
2. Colin Farrell
3. Columbus Short
4. Bradley Cooper
5. Derek Jeter
6. Enrique Iglesias
7. Reggie Bush
8. Paul Walker
9. Ryan Reyonds
10. Dwyane Wade
11. Shia Labeouf
12. Jesse Williams
13. Matthew McConaughey
14. Jake Gyllenhaal
15. Billing Currington
16. Idris Elba

okay, now stop staring and get back to work! :)


Nini said...

I'll have a cup of #4, two scoops of #8, a sprinkle of 7, some chunks of #9 with a few swirls of #10.......yes that completes my order!

Young and Fabulous said...

MMMMMM screw everyone on that list (wait except for Matthew McConaughey) and just look at the hunk of man meat taking over the top half your page. HE is the only eye candy ever!! hahah


P!nky said...

SWWOOOON!!!!! Those are some hotties! I'm a new follower! :)

Have a great day!

melifaif said...

Oh yeah baby. You make a good list....

Sassy Amie said...

Niiiiice :)

Reese and Leigh said...

New reader here :)

I almost just fell out of my chair laughing at work....this is hilarious and TRUE!!!

Marz said...

Eye candy posts are some of my very favourite! :) I LOVE your list!!! I agree with so many of them (except maybe Derek Jeter - but not because I don't think he's absolutely gorgeous, but because as a Texas Rangers fan it would be like a sin admitting that! haha kidding :) I went and saw "Green Lantern" last night and OMG Ryan Reynolds in a green tight super hero suit - wow!!! :)

inHERshoes said...

perfect selection! you should see lance gross, he was in this movie with america ferrera and forest whitaker, i forgot the title, but i actually did a post on it on my blog later last year! haha yes, lance gross - chocolate rocket! :) and of course, everyone else on this list! mmm good!