Monday, March 7, 2011

sweat, tears and lifetime.

i'm officially a gym member. a rush gym member.
i've never really been a fan of gyms, but i finally got suckered into joining by my bestie.
what are friends for, right?

now, we can workout together (everyday....NOT!) on the days i don't train with the running group. yay!
The Rush is pretty darn awesome! all together they have 23 locations in TN, SC, NC and GA.

i've been taking advantage of all the fun classes they offer...

on Saturday, i enjoyed 1 hour of Yogi (Yoga/Pilate's), 1 hour of Zumba and 8 miles on the bicycle.
i was pretty pooped and sweaty afterwards, but it felt great to change up my workout routine a bit.

Army Wives
 the new season of Army Wives premiered last night!
this is gonna be a great season :)

and...a new show premiered last night as well....

Coming Home
Coming Home
 dear Lifetime,
i love you. you know i do.
and, you know i'm a such a tear box. that's probably why you create shows like 'Coming Home'. i'll probably need to invest buying a whole year supply of tissues. thanks!

sincerely, your biggest fan

can you imagine being away from your loved ones for more than a year?
coming from a military family, luckily i've never experienced deployment.
but, my heart does go out to those who experience this time and time again.

these soldiers and their families are truly very strong people.
i seriously cried the whole episode. happy tears of course. its always beautiful to see reunions like these.
if you didn't see it, you must tune in on Sunday nights at 10pm. its definitely worth staying up to watch.

my thoughts and prayers are consistently on our American soldiers, our local law enforcements agencies and their families because these people are truly special.
they get up everyday and protect us.

i pray every night for the lord to watch over our American soldiers and for them to return home safely to their families.

"Sometimes you have to be a part from people you love,  but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more."  — Nicholas Sparks (The Last Song)

hope you guys have a great day :)


Brandi said...

Zumba is my favorite! So fun! We don't have a Rush gym in my area but it sounds like a nice gym!

Sam {} said...

yay!! i love trying out new classes...still can't get into zumba though.

Emily said...

Man o man! That's a lot of working out! On a Sat. no less. haha Good for you. I've never done either classes but I've heard a TON about zumba. I avoid gyms like the plague. Hopefully you weren't too sore.
Oh and I caught the end of the coming home show. I shed a tear with the knight story. That was the cutest boy ever, and so polite! Loved it!

Ashley said...

saw your awesome workout on twitter. so exciting! i'll def have to check out those shows...lifetime rocks my life sometimes!