Friday, March 25, 2011

i'm livin' in the 21st century, doin' something mean to it...

i just booked my flight to chi-town.

towards the end of may, i will visiting the gorgeous doctor to-be above.
pretty and smart...she's the full package, for sure!
gosh, i love this girlie!

we have been friends for years and, although we haven't lived in the same state since highschool...we have still maintained a wonderful friendship. i've never been to chicago and its been a while since i've seen my girl, so i'm def counting down for this trip! look out, chicago!

{get it right, get it tight}

i mentioned before that i recently joined a gym.
okay, so i'm still loving it, but i have an issue....
i don't know about you ladies, but i go to the gym to WORKOUT!
if i have my head phones that a cue to come talk to me??? ummmm....i think NOT!
why do some men think its okay to stare at you while you're trying to workout?
yeah, admire all you want, but lets put a time frame on how much staring you can do in two hours. geeezzz.
and, i don't mean just a couple glances here or there, but full-on stalker staring...that's scaring, yo.
at least wave, give me a thumbs up or

sometimes, its hard being such a pretty girl. i'm sure you ladies can agree with me, right? lol :)

i signed up for sessions with a trainer...and, its a guy!
he looks hard core! my first session is on sunday afternoon.
hopefully, i'll make it out alive. wish me luck!

anyone ever tried this workout before???
i'm body aches just reading

hope you guys have a wonderful weekend :)


Taylor said...

wow, that 100 workout looks intense!!! it is definitely making me tired, just reading it!

as for the borghese brightener, i bought it in a store. but it is local and not available nationwide. i did check the website and it is available there! it's about $25 bucks i believe.

Brandi said...

You and Tanya are BEAUTIFUL! Such pretty ladies :)

I'm laughing at your "full-on stalker staring...that's scaring, yo" statement LOL! I don't know, just take it as a compliment I guess. Lol

Gym workouts are very difficult for me. I have a hard time with machines. I can do outdoor workouts and classes at the gym, like Zumba, step aerobics or anything that entertains me. Except for kickboxing. I took a kickboxing class once and I wanted to kill myself! The instructor was hard core! It was a good workout but I hated every minute of it! LOL! I'm lame I guess.

Anyway have a good day lady! :)

Emily said...

Good luck with your trainer. Don't let him treat you with 'girl gloves'. I've had too many guy and even girl trainers who go 'easy' because I'm a girl. It irritates me, haha. Hope you have a great time =)

Sam {} said...

this workout sounds awesome!!

i LOVE chicago, so excited for your trip :)

Marz said...

So excited for your upcoming trip!! I LOVE Chicago! My best friend and I went last year also at the end of May and it was beautiful weather :) You're going to love it!!! Such a beautiful photo of you and Tanya!

Well if you didn't look so dang sexy at the gym maybe you wouldn't have stalkers! hahaha :)

Good luck with your training sessions! :)

Dianne Heath said...

Beautiful pictures!

Ashley said...

i adore chi chi! have SO much fun - one of my fav cities!

Sharde said...

i would never in a million years do that workout! im SO completely lazy. my husband probably hates it. in fact, i know he does. love prevails haha

love your blog, just found it today. come check out my latest photo shoot!

come and visit me at

christine donee said...

have so much fun! I've never been to Chicago but always wanted to go... I'll be excited to see pictures and hear your thoughts!


Paula Kathlyn said...

HOW fun!!!! I've never been to Chi-land :) I hope you have a BLAST!!!

Katie said...

totally want to try this!