Thursday, March 10, 2011

can we be friends?

oh, facebook...we all know you entirely too well.
who doesn't have a facebook profile? i mean really.
thank goodness my parents don't care for social networking.

last month, i took a tiny break from facebook, and boy did i have a lot of extra time on my hands.
as of last week i'm back on. dang you, mark zuckerberg for creating this world wide addiction.
go ahead laugh...i knew i couldn't take more than a two-week break. ridiculous, i know!

i looked through my "friends", and thought how many of these people do i actually talk to? 

answer: ummmm, not very many - frankly, it didn't faze me one bit to delete a couple few "friends"....not being mean, but some of those "friends" were just taking room up on my homepage. Facebook all comes down to an opportunity to brag, the new way of stalking people, and of course being a social networking site. i'm not one of those people who puts my whole life story on Facebook, but basically to keep in touch with my friends and my family around the world. sometimes, i'll post an uplifting status...there is just too much negativity in the world now a days. i don't use FaceBook to update my every single move...sometimes it makes me laugh how people update their status every five friggin' minutes...honestly, how do you get anything done? anyways, i'm not judging here. i've come to realize in deleting some of my "friends", that its actually helped me stay off of FaceBook more... because now theres not a lot of updates to read. after all, when entering adulthood you realize its not how many friends you have, but the quality of friends you have. so, its just not necessary for me to have 250 or 1,500 friends. i don't even have that many numbers in my iPhone contact list. geeez.

 have any of you ever felt like this???


Young and Fabulous said...

I dont know if I could get rid of my facebook just yet...I love to stalk and find things out about people haha (im a journalist..what can I say! but I did go through it and deleted people from high school who I thought were mean.

im also annoyed with constant status updates from people!

girl with 1700 friends (dont judge hahahah)

add me :)

Sam {} said...

i totally hear ya!! i'm trying to slim down my list too, but i'm just so nosy :)

Emily said...

I know just what you mean! I have gone through my list many times and deleted people that I never talk to or I know just wanted to be my friend to see where I am in know how they like to compare their life to mine and think their's is better?

I get people asking to be my friend all the time and I have NO clue who they are but since they see we have 2 friends in common they want to be mine.

I even had my friend's fiance (at the time) friend request me. I met the guy once! I called her up saying he did this and I wasn't going to friend him and she was a little miffed saying he's a FB whore. Only caring about his #. It's sad...

Brandi said...

Can you believe that I don't have a facebook page? I really don't. Never have. I'm like the only person on earth! Maybe one day I will but it just doesn't interest me. I don't know, I guess I'm weird.

Brandi said...

oh by the way, I forgot to tell you yesterday that I love the new header!!! And I see you've changed it up a little today too! Cute :)

Ashley said...

Brandi, I so cannot believe you don't have one! I didn't have one of the longest time until about 07-08. It does get addicting, so don't sign up, but if you do maybe we can be friends? lol. Thank you for your comment on my header...I wasn't really please with the other one, so I had to change it up a bit! lol

Alisha said...

Facebook is hard to get on when all I see is negativity in my news feed. I was against twitter at first when it first came out, but now I use my twitter account more than facebook. But ALOT of people/friends I know are still on facebook, and that's my only way of contact for them. So it comes in handy every now and then :)