Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i love me some me.

have you ever looked in the mirror?

I mean past the physical appearance, but deep down to the person you really are.

What do you see?

I see a... beautiful, confident, intelligent, kind-hearted, silly, thoughtful, ambitious, generous, and faithful woman.

I’ll be honest (since i love ya'll)…I haven’t always felt this way about myself. Actually, up until a couple months ago, I started to slowly change my thought process and feelings about me. I’ve finally learned and realized that loving yourself first is a must. I mean truly love yourself! This means…caring about your appearance, taking care of your body – exercising and watching what you eat, etc. My whole life, I’ve been told how beautiful I am. Yes, I believe I’m an attractive female, but I’ve always struggled with comparing myself to every other woman. As women, we do this sometimes. Confidence hasn’t always been my strong suit. It’s getting A LOT better though. And, others have noticed. Confidence can be an attractive energy, only when its not cockiness. I use to be scared to wear certain things because of what others would think…now, I’m like who cares! As long as I keep it classy and I feel good, then that’s all that matters. Loving Ashley is the best change I could have ever made for myself - because loving me first will allow everything else in my life to fall into place. For so long I relied on others to bring me joy and happiness. Although, they are somewhat responsible, but you have to bring yourself joy and happiness and others will only enhance what you have created. My philosophy was always putting others first. I've learned you need to put yourself first in order to help others. Recently, I feel myself smiling for no reason at all. At first it was a little strange to catch myself doing this, but I realized its because of feeling happy :) Everyday is a good day, because I make a conscious effort to make it good. My thoughts and feelings are what create the world around me. All of this is a work in progress, it doesn't just happen over night...but the feeling be hide knowing the changes are happening is amazing. You gotta be your biggest fan and know its okay to toot your own horn sometimes.


Adorably Distracted... said...

I completely agree! I went through the same thing myself. It's so hard to see what were worth some times. Hubs and I even had a conversation the other night about self confidence. I realized one day that I have to like myself before I can expect others too. And I've noticed the less I stopped dwelling on the little things I didn't like, the happier I was. :)It's easy to see things we don't like but it's not easy to pick up the good things about ourselves.

mixed girl said...

Yeah, it is hard sometimes. Its hard to change certain things about yourself, but in doing that you see a side of you thats been hiding for way too long! Self confidence is easy to come by for some, but for me its always been a struggle. I'm getting there though. :) Thank you for your comment!

melifaif said...

You go girl. I love a confident woman. It is the best thing she can "put on!" Good for you...I love me some me too. (Most of the time.) ;-)

mixed girl said...

Haha! Thanks girl! I apperciate that comment!

bananas. said...

i have my ups and downs with insecurities but i have gotten a LOT better with age. i now appreciate the things i didn't before. like being short...it sucks but hey at least i'll always be "cute". ha!

mixed girl said...

Your short? You don't look short in any of your pics? I'm a shory too! Being cute has its benefits!