Tuesday, November 2, 2010

day 9: 30 day challenge

day 9: a picture of your friends

{pictured: yours truly, nicole, leeann, amanda and catherine}
i'm so lucky to have met these lovely ladies through my past relationship.
this picture was taken before us getting ready to see billy currington in concert.

{pictured: shelley, yours truly and erica}
both of these pretty gals are teachers! i met shelley through a mutual friend, and met erica through shelley. this picture was taken from a girls night out.

{pictured: tanya and yours truly}
this beautiful lady and i went to high school together and have been best friends ever since. she moved away and is currently going to medical school, but we still keep in contact. i really miss her. this picture was taken at a friend's wedding early this year.

{pictured: kaya, randy, yours truly, jessica, blair and kristi}
this group of ladies are some of my closes friends. i went to high school with kaya and kristi, and worked with randy, jessica and blair. i have a unique relationship with each of them. this picture was taken on my 25th birthday earlier this year.

a friend loveth at all times.
Proverbs 17:17

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