Monday, November 8, 2010

day 13: 30 day blog challenge

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! i did! on Saturday morning, i ran in my first eva 5k. i'm pretty darn proud of myself! it was sooooo cold, but thanks to my bff "iPOD" i kept going to the finish line. and, guess what??? this weekend is my second 5k! yeah, my new motto is JUST DO IT! {like Nike} ;) after the race, i volunteered for the Special Olympics Fall event. i forgot how much fun it is to volunteer. i never been called beautiful so many times! lol despite being tired from my race, i volunteered till about eight Saturday night. yesterday, i attended church with a friend of mine and it was...words can't describe how touched i was, sitting there, taking it all in. i let every word preached soak in. its funny how when you don't attend church for a while and then you attend a service, the sermon feels like its just for you! like, He knew you were coming and knew the words you needed to hear. that's how i felt yesterday. i'll defiantly be going back! also, i made a hard decision yesterday. it was a tough and i want that person to know, its not what i wanted to do. but, i just feel like i had no other choice. when you love someone you want all of them, not just part of them. i just pray the if its in God's will, that someday He will bring this person back in my life. on a lighter note, i'm on a positive streak ya'll...i'm kickin' out all the negative in my life! i don't mean kickin' negative people out of my life, but the negative thoughts or actions. right now, i'm trying to focus on being a positive me and grow as a better person. 2011 is going to be a great year! yes, i'm already thinking about the new year! hopefully, i'll be getting a new position at work. cross your fingers and pray for me please! along with that, i'll be getting my own place! its amazing how, when you change your thoughts...your feelings change too. i've been reading this book called "the secret" has opened my eyes like whoa! i highly recommend everyone to read it! anyways, that's back to the 30 day blog challenge.

day 13: goals
  • maintain a steady diet
  • exercises 4-5 times a week
  • attend church on a regular basis
  • buy a house/townhouse
  • grow my hair out - i have a bad habit of cutting it short...can't fight the urges, but i'ma let it grow!
  • be consistent at everything i do.
  • participate in more 5k's - i'm addicted now!
  • volunteer more
  • live everyday to the fullest!
  • don't make excuses - JUST DO IT! {have faith}

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