Monday, November 1, 2010

day 8: 30 day challenge

day 8: a place you've traveled to

{this is the life...i could do this everyday}

i've traveled to a couple places, but the most recent trip was in June to Nassau, Bahamas. actually, i stayed a week on Paradise Island and what a gorgeous island it is! summers in north carolina are hot, but nothing compares to the summer season in the Bahamas! it is sooo freakin' hot over there! the winnnddoowwsss toooo thhhee the sweat drop down my...yeah, ok you get the point. all i wanted to was swim naked in the crystal blue water. that didn't exactly happen, but with enough rum...what happens in the Bahamas stay in the Bahamas right??? i swam with the dolphins for the first time and it was an awesome experience. i was a little nervous at first because you just never know with animals. ever watch animals attack? ok, then. i defiantly did my share of walking - yes, i was the typical tourist that wanted to do and see everything! the people of the Bahamas are extremely kind - everyone speaks to everyone. it was a breath of fresh air. and the food, oh la la. Bahamian cuisine is refreshing! i loved being able to drink coconut juice with a straw right from the fruit itself. conch, is very popular there, but lets just say it wasn't too popular with me, but at least i tried it! however, i did enjoy all the other mouth watering sea food. i highly recommend trying Twin Brothers restaurant. they make the best daiquiris! seriously, i'm not lying! i've never tasted a better drink and they aren't greedy with the liquor either! that's my kinda drink! a lot of my trip was spent site seeing, eating, swimming, and shopping. The Straw Market is another must go to place! they have everything and you can negotiate prices! every girls dream come true! overall, it was a nice and relaxing vacation! it always nice to escape reality for a bit. i'll defiantly be going back man!

{meet my new friend, flipper}


LeeAnn said...

All them bitches crawl... Skeet skeet Mother TRUCKER ... Get Low Let me see you get low you scared, you scared
Drop dat ass to the floor you scared, you scared
Let me see you get low you scared, you scared

Adorably Distracted... said...

looks like a blast!!

mixed girl said...

LMAO - thanks for finishing that for LeeAnn :) I'm laughing so hard right now!!

Adorbaly Distracted - it was sooo much fun! It was actually my first real vacation as an adult! sad, i know. for now i'm going on vacation every year!