Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day 14: 30 day blog challenge

day 14: a picture you love

there are several pictures i love, but i decided to choose this one...{see above}
this one happens to be one of my favorites for the following reasons...
...pictured is my god-daughter kielie. she is a character and reminds me so much of me when i was younger. she's a sweet heart and will keep you entertained for days. watch out for her...she's destined to be the next Hannah Montana.
...my hair cut...this picture was taken last year and i had recently cut my hair short for the first time. i remembered always saying, "i'm gonna cut my hair" and never do it. finally, i took the plunge...i actually love my short hair cut, but now want a little more length.
...memorial weekend...we threw a cookout in celebration of the long weekend with family, and it was a really fun and memorable day!
...this was during a time in my life where i was extremely happy. (please note: i am happy now too} lol


Adorably Distracted... said...

awww what a cutie! I love pictures that always remind me of a really good day too!

mixed girl said...

Thanks, doll!

Anonymous said...

what a cute picture! my nieces are the cutest things in the world and i love any picture i have with them. still too scared to cut my hair, though!

mixed girl said...

Thank you! Trust me, I was a wreck the day I finally told my hair dresser to chop it off. I had to bring my best friend with me. LOL