Thursday, November 4, 2010

day 11: 30 day blog challenge

day 11: your favorite TV shows

i love me some television, but i do not spend a lot of time watching it unless my shows are on or its Lifetime. The Good Wife, One Tree Hill, Law & Order SVU, Ghost Whisperer and Locked Up Abroad are some of my favorites. i also enjoy the Food Network, but who doesn't? i just hate how dang hungry i get from all those cooking shows. one day, i hope to cook like paula dean or giada. i consider myself a pretty decent cook, but can defiantly learn a few more tricks in the kitchen. food is the way to a man's heart right? maybe, but a girls gotta eat too! from Paula Dean, Giada, Barefoot Contessa and The Next Iron Chef...they all pretty much rock! i enjoy watching sports as well, but would rather be at the game or in a sports bar. the energy makes it that much more exciting!


LeeAnn said...

Food is a way to a mans heart BUT I learned if you feed him he expects it.. I would just rather kiss well then cook well to get his heart! hahahahahahhahahahahaaha

mixed girl said...

You're a mess!!! Yeah, thats true! Kissing and cooking - at least I'm good at both of those! LOL