Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 16: 30 day blog challenge

day 16: dream house

now, i'm not exactly sure how i want the outside of my dream house to look like; however, i do know, i want a BIG ole wrap around porch...i can totally see myself sitting on this swing (feet dangling of course since i'm a shorty)...drinking a nice hot cup of coffee...reading a book or newspaper.

{gettin' my paula dean on in heere}

as far as my dream kitchen...i'm a little torn (see picture above and below) i want a little edgy kitchen look or go more classic...decisions decisions...i love 'em both. can't ya see me in my apron, whipping up breakfast, lunch and dinner in these kitchens? Oooooo lala...the wonderful delicious magic i can make.

{keepin' it classy}

onto the dining room...its nice and simple...serves its purpose. and, i love the built in book self in the background...this is something i really really really want in my dream house.

{kick up your feet and relax}

i really love the nice big window. that couch looks so comfy...i dig comfort more than anything. perfect for spending Sundays...watching football or lifetime...whateva you like...

{aint nobody dope as me i'm dressed so fresh so clean}

ohmygosh...thank you bathroom gods!!! i could spend way too much time in this beautiful bathroom. tell me you can't see yourself taking a nice warm bubble bath with a glass of wine in here....

ever watch MTV cribs and every time the celebrities introduce the bedroom, its always the place "where the magic happens"...not so much for me right now. lol. tmi. ok, moving on. anyways, i love this bedroom because its so white and simple. the built in selves again. love 'em. i like everything to have its own home. this is defiantly an ideal bedroom look for me.

{oh you fancy huh}
wooooo this not every girls dream closet? holy smokes! i'm getting way too excited just staring at this picture. maybe, just maybe i'll find my own Mr. Big to build me a nice closet just like this one. for all my jimmy choo's ya know? ;)

lastly, i've always wanted a vanity set. there just so classic and cute.

thank you for touring my dream house with me. see ya next time.
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LeeAnn said...

HOLY COW I would live in your closet!!! I want to live next door in my dream house nd then we can have dream cookouts together!!

LeeAnn said...

HOLY COW I would live in your closet!!! I want to live next door in my dream house nd then we can have dream cookouts together!!

mixed girl said...

ahahhahaha! I know right...if your gonna dream, better dream BIG! Oh, yeah we'd def. have dream cookouts together! LOL

bananas. said...

shut up and give me that closet RIGHT NOW!!! no, not you...the owner of that glorious haven.

as for the kitchen, i say go bold. you can always have a white kitchen just like everybody else (ahem, me) ORRRR you can be the girl with the rad pink kitchen. i know i'd be jealous.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love love love that closet! What a dream. I'd want my dream closet like that in fuchsia and black and I love that dinning room too!

mixed girl said...

LMAO - you girls are two funny! That closet is the bomb though!!!