Tuesday, January 11, 2011

typically, i don't eat like this...i promise.

...but, being snowed in makes me crave food like this...

 love me some dd. 

ihop, ain't got nothing on this. what! 

 cheesy pie...yes, please!

 i like my twist soft serve yogurt.

 salty heaven in your mouth.

 sweet. cavities anyone?

okay, at least i have fruit here.

can you imagine, if i did eat all of this
...damn...i would be a house...

i really should be running right now, but just can't find the motivation.
at least i ran yesterday and i'll run tomorrow.
pinky swear ;)

{pictures found at weheartit.com}


Faith said...

omg, i want to eat the screen. i feel like a failure because my mouth is watering. i think i want some Mickey D's fries right now. i should have grapes. :(

Nini said...

I love DD's powder sugared and glazed donuts..yumm!

Kelly said...

Please stop posting pictures of all the delicious looking food. You are killing me and my WW points total. I honestly think I just gained a pound by looking at those yummy pancakes.

Jenni said...

ASHLEY!!! This was cruel. Downright cruel. And I hate you for it.

But you know I love ya. ;)

Marz said...

Thanks Ash for making me crave all that yummy, delicious junk food! haha What I wouldn't give to be able to eat sweets without shame :( Oh in a perfect world! haha :)

Ashley said...

haha i've been exactly the same way! yesterday was like national leave no carb behind for me! i've definitely been craving some pizza lately - it's gonna happen soon. i can feel it. lol!

Adorably Distracted... said...

O.K I thought we were friends?!!? I'm on a diet and as I was scrolling down your page I think drool dropped out of my mouth! lol

melifaif said...

Gurl!!! You are making me WAYY.TOO. hungry!!!! Yikes. I am on my way to building a house...;-)