Thursday, January 13, 2011

twenty-six never looked this good.

today is my birthday.

happy birthday to me!


its finally set in that i'm getting older.

this morning i woke up to my phone vibrating in my ear...
happy birthday text messages, calls, facebook messages, blogger comments, and emails...
and they keep it!!!

i definitely appreciate the love and feel very grateful for something as simple as a happy birthday wish.
as you get older and wiser, the little things in life bring out your child spirit.

today has been a great day so far.
just not being at work makes any day great!

my birthday celebrations officially start on Saturday...
homemade delicious birthday dinner made by my beautiful mommy
and then out for drinks with some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

and, i'll be sure to make a very special birthday wish.
guess that's my child like side coming out.
i do believe in blowing out the candles, closing my eyes and making a wish.

thank you to everyone who has made this day truly special.
from the bottom of my heart...i love y'all.


Faith said...

awww, Happy 26th Birthday! Hope this year is incredible for you!

Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope your day is super special!

bananas. said...


i hope you are getting plenty spoiled starting today, continuing tomorrow and all into the weekend!

Heather M said...


Sassafrass Jane said...

Happy Birthday new bloggy friend! I'm not too far behind ya ;)
Make a fabulous wish and drink it all in. I'm sure you are so loved!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday again! I hope it was a great day for you!

Carla said...

Happy Birthday!

I couldn't agree with that little saying more! I did what I would normally do when my birthday came.

Holly said...

Glad you had such a great birthday! I'm 24 this year, officially out of "early-twenties" argh!

Ashley said...


Brittany said...

Happy belated birthday, Ashley! Weird question - I think I went to college with Shelley from your next post - email me back, and let me see? :) Totally weird, right? :) Hope you had a great day, girl! :)