Thursday, December 16, 2010

this girl can't be happy all the time can she?

the answer would be no.

yes, i'm on this positive kick and all. however, the negative emotions of irritation, disappointment, anger and sadness do still arise from time to time. i am only human after all. so, let me start off by saying one of the major things that gets under my skin is someone proclaiming to be something their not. i try to be a real person and sometimes that can come off as being bitchy. i'm not bitchy. i promise. i just can't play the fake role very well. i'm just me.

anyways, back to my rant. it just burns me up when people try to act like they had a come to Jesus meeting and now God's their new BFF. all of a sudden their a brand new person. are you serious??? really??? please spare me the details. don't come to me saying whatever you think sounds good for the moment...saying all the right things and then the next second your out doing the complete opposite. um, hello?? and certainly don't post it online. and another thing, it doesn't take much to respond to a simple text or email. if you can get on facebook, myspace, twitter or blogger...guess what? that means you can access email. bingo! at the end of the day, it all comes down to this...clearly, i need to seriously evaluate some of the people i associate with. sometimes the people you care about the most your better off without. or sometimes, you just gotta man up and tell them how you feel. normally, i would. i just don't feel like even going there right now. it just really sucks because i try to be respectful and kind to others, and i expect some respect in return. 2011 is going to be a new year and i refuse to put up with the same childish crap or repeat the same mistakes from 2010. nope. done. not gonna happen.

ok, sorry for the crazy lady rant. i just had to get that out. i'm done now. thank you.

back to being happy and positive :)


Marz said...

One of the things I love the most about blogging is being able to put it out there - no matter what you're feeling or going through! It's a bit like therapy to get it off your chest isn't it? I'm sorry that you are having to deal with these fake people in your life. How sad that people can be like this. I'm just glad you're able to see through it! One thing that gets to me all the time is the "holier than though" fake Christians! UGH!!!!! But I'm glad you're able to stay happy and positive :) p.s. LOVE the new layout!

bananas. said...

amen sister! i can't stand phonyness. LOATHE IT actually. and whenever i smell the first sign of fakeness, i cut that tie real quick.

Sourav's BLOG said...

Is that so ?? its not possible for any person to not to be happy all the time..

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Adorably Distracted... said...

There was a girl like this in high school... she was the "bad influence" that my parents should have thought twice letting me hang out with her. Then one day she just decided to be all about God, but then you would see the old her peak it's head out... I remember always wanting to say... you can't just pick and choose when you want to be all about God and when you want to talk shit on someone... they really don't go together!

Ashley said...

Yes, its def. nice to get some stuff off your chest on your blog. Although, I try not to post a lot of negative stuff; however, I was just feeling a certain way yesterday. Along with the all also burns me up when people do not follow through with something they started. If you know your not going to finish, then why start? Recently, some people are just getting to me, but I'm gonna nip that in the butt right now! Thanks for hearing me rant!