Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas, snow, friends and birthdays...oh my!

hope you dolls had a wonderful Christmas!

as you can see...i spent most of my time doing the above.
don't judge me stuffing my face because i'm sure most of you did the same. lol. i wouldn't dare let all the delicious desserts go to waste. oh nooooo! but, now its time to get back to being healthy. or "trying" to be healthy. good thing i'm running my fourth 5k on New Years Day! starting off the New Year with a bang! ohbytheway, isn't my sweater just the cutest? i got it from H&M for only $10 bucks! gotta love deals like that!

i noticed i've been blessed with some new followers friends
thank you very very very very much. it truly makes my day to see all the kind, sweet, funny and random comments. and, to meet new peeps through the blog world. i'm not just saying that...i really do mean it! i think i spend more time reading other peoples blogs then writing on my own. hopefully, i can continue to keep your interest. i plan to share a little more about my personal life in the new year.

snow is overrated.
okay, so it was beautiful to look at and then getting a white Christmas was the icing on the cake. but now, i'm over it. i can't even drive my car because my street is a patch of ice. literally. my poor little honda just won't make it. however, i have been driven around by a nice person and i'm kinda getting use to it. i can't complain too much though because i live in the south. good ole north carolina. i cannot imagine how y'all northerners deal with this headache every year!

in exciting news...
my 26th birthday is just around the corner {January 13th} yay! i love birthdays!

happy tuesday!
stay warm :)


Faith said...

ahhh, i def. stuffed my face too! i still want to do it ... will continue to do it until the 1st, lol.

snow is def. overrated! pretty but overrated.

hope you have a great birthday & the best year ever!

bananas. said...

girrrl you and i both! all i did this christmas was eat. yeesh!!!

ps. happy early birthday...any plans?

Adorably Distracted... said...

totally agree about the snow! I feel like the weather should get warm again after New years. After the February we had last year... I'm over it! I don't get snow days... we're open no matter what, so the less snow the better. Plus I hate being cold... and pale lol

Laura Darling said...

I live in Philadelphia and we got a foot of snow this weekend. That really isn't a huge deal for us...but my poor little Focus didn't have a prayer of being able to drive in it. My dad had to drive me to my office on Monday morning! Ha!

I spent most of my Christmas weekend eating as well. At one point during appetizers my cousin asked how soon dinner was going to be ready, so she knew when to slow down on snacks. I told her to just power through, and she said "I've been powering through since Thanksgiving!" Ha! I will certainly miss the food that comes with the holidays!

Love your blog!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

Look at your festive sweater! Love it.

I ate a lot too! and yay to turning 26!

Megan said...

I definitely stuffed my face the whole week of Christmas...and I'm still finishing stuff off!! Hope you have a great birthday! You have a cute blog!!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Marz said...

That's a really pretty picture of you ;) Love your hair and sweater! I would like some of that cake right now! Although I too have been stuffing my face and have sworn to myself repeatedly that I will be better about eating healthy in the New Year. I guess that gives me two days to enjoy indulging! ;) Keep warm in the snow!