Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 where ya at?

the new year is quickly approaching. ohmygosh! already?

what things will you do differently in 2011?
what are your resolutions or goals?

it is sooooooooo very easy to set a goal or make a resolution, but the difficult part is actually maintaining those goals and resolutions throughout the remainder of the year. every year, we hear the same thing..."oh this year, i'm really gonna stick to really, i am"...blah blah blah. i'm guilty of this too. but, this year...lets mix it up a it a lil' different...go hard or go home! make it happen! you and i can accomplish whatever it is our little hearts desire. so, this year if you make any goals or resolutions...really try to make them happen. just make those resolutions before you start popping champagne. ha-ha. be realistic, sometimes alcohol tends make us believe in any and everything. don't follow jamie foxx and blame it on the a-a-alcohol...drink (your choice of beverage), be merry and get that midnight kiss. muahhhhh!!!

bye bye 2010, bring it on 2011 :)

my 2011 remix is...

be a better...friend, sister, daughter, christian, runner, employee, blogger, etc.
overall, just grow and strive to be a better me!

i wish each and one of you lovely ladies a very happy new year!
be safe and see ya next year!


Ashley said...

love your attitude girly! good luck with these resolutions! :)

Jen said...

Oh how I can't wait for the New Year! Fresh starts, second chances... gotta love that!!

Happy Thursday Darling! xo

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Megan said...

That's a great attitude to have for the new year!!

bananas. said...

i'm so not a resolution girl. goals are good but for me they happen all year round.

i do like your go hard or go home goal though. that's always a good one.

have fun celebrating the new year!

Faith said...

Happy New Year!

It will be a great year for you ... because I can tell you won't have it any other way!