Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my obession with...my hair.

don't most of us women have a love/hate relationship with our hair?

we all have had good hair days
and not so good {bad} hair days...

i personally, i have an interesting love/hate relationship with my hair. why? because some days, my hair does what i tell it to do and then other days it seems to have a mind of its own. one side wants to curl, the other side doesn't, some days my side swept bangs are looking fab, then the next day they look a hot mess....i could go on and one about this. some days i love my hair and some days i hate it with a passion. when it comes to my hair sometimes it seems as if i'm never fully satisfied. maybe some of you ladies can relate. men just have no idea the struggles some of us women go through with our hair! then to top it off, you have to find the right hair dresser. that's a whole nother relationship. i had to breakup with my long time hair dresser because she became unavailable; however, lucky for me i found a better one! January will be a year since i've been going to this new salon and i l.o.v.e it! i don't know about you, but if my hair is not looking so pretty than i don't feel so pretty. i think hair is what completes a look.

you see, i have whats called "mixed" hair...interesting hair is what it should be called. i have naturally curly hair. growing up my mom started putting relaxers in my hair. big mistake! its been several years since i've had a relaxer done and now my natural curls are coming back. i can pretty much do anything with my hair...curly, straight, wavy, up, down, cornrows, breads...the options are endless with this hair. although, i have so many options, doing my hair can be a struggle. about two years ago, i decided to get my hair cut short. now, for the longest time i would say i was going to cut it, but never would. i guess because i was scared of change. yes, i know hair grows back. but still. i told you...its a strange relationship i have with my hair. anyways, summer was coming around and i wanted a new look, so i finally got the bob cut, i had been obsessing about for the longest. i actually really liked it, and so did everyone else. but now after two years of short hair, i'm ready for a new look...i've been trying to grow it out and its in that middle awkward stage. its a strange feeling having hair on my neck again and i get sudden urges to cut it short, but i'm not going to. i'm going to continue to take my hair vitamins, deep condition on sundays and chop off those annoying split ends every six to eight weeks. early today, i was looking at old pictures and found myself laughing at how many different looks this mop on my head has had.

the chronicles of Ashley's hair...

[just a few - i have many more]

[loose waves/summer days = flat hair]

[natural curly look]

 [straight, carmel color and a little past my shoulders]

 [thick, dark and bouncy look]

[most recent hair style & my fav]

do you have a love/hate relationship with your head?


melifaif said...

First off, you are too stinkin' cute! And of course I have a love.hate with my hair. Tell me who does NOT, please! I'd like to slap em....I mean, I'd like to know em. Yeah. I have promised myself that I, as a parent, will never put a relaxer on Layla's head of hair. And as long as she is 13 and below. She will not either. I hope to nourish her curls so she grows up loving them. Tips....yeah, tips....I could use em. Merry Christmas lady.

Faith said...

oh gosh, let's not get started on hair!

and um, relaxers in your hair?! why? why? why?

you are too cute! love the most recent one too!

i have decided not to relax my hair again ... going all natural, hehe :)

cute post!

Marz said...

I loved looking at all your different looks :) Isn't amazing how hair can really change up an appearance? The bob is by far my most favourite hair style of all time. It's classic and such a good look! When I was growing up I always had short hair. Some days I fantasize about going back to short hair, but I'm just too scared I won't be able to pull it off. I'm afraid my face is far too round to do it now then it was back in high school ha You my dear look lovely in every style you shared. You are blessed with mixed hair! Mine is coarse and thick! And I don't know how to style it at all! p.s. you have the prettiest smile!!!!

bananas. said...

heck yea i do! my hair is moody but mostly bitchy. i actually have really dry and frizzy hair. not curly but wavy. it takes works and LOTS of products to get my hair to look the way it does.

btw i like your hair. it looks good in every shot!

Holly said...

Argh! Yes! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my hair!

It's VERY curly, and up until a month ago was below waist length. I used to get strangers coming up and accosting me in shopping malls to ask whether is was real or if it was a wig! Just a TAD weird! o.O

Then I got it cut off. To just above my shoulders, and now it's more of a love/vague annoyance relationship, than love/hate, lol! :P

Adorably Distracted... said...

ugh! yes! Mine is like yours where I can pretty much get curls if I want them or go straight. Right now my side bangs suck but yesterday they were nice :) lol I do wish I never started dying my hair tho. I have the same hair as my dad where it went from being very very blond to gradually getting darker. I should just dye it his color and be done with it.

I love all your hairstyles!

Ashley said...

Thank you ladies so much for your comments! Its nice to know, I'm not alone with the love/hate relationship with hair! LOL.