Thursday, December 2, 2010

nail done, hair done, everything done...oh you fancy huh?

can i get a hell yeah for thursday! thank goodness!

today's my friday! don't be jealous.

your probably thinking, didn't you just have some days off because of Thanksgiving last week? um, yeah...soooo what! i have some vacations days to burn and i have a hair appointment tomorrow. this hair of mine is in need of some serious loving. for real ya'll. the best part of getting your hair done is having it washed. ohhhhmmyyy! i love for someone with nails to wash my hair. there's no other relaxing feeling like it. along with getting my hair did, i plan to start my Christmas shopping. my family has never been to big on Christmas gifts, but this year we've decided to do stocking stuffers only. and i'm in charge of getting the stockings. so, you best believe...i'm gonna find the biggest stockings ever! lol. i don't have too much going on this weekend, other than studying. ugh! finals are next week! yikes! soooo, my post today is just a little random. but, at least you'll get your celebrity fix and maybe even a laugh or two.


{let me see you get low, you scare, you scare}

 i can watch the Proposal over and over again, just to see
Betty White and Sandra Bullock dance to 'Get Low'. classic.

 {milk does a body good!}

who wouldn't wanna pop out a baby and then look like this?
me! and, isn't that baby just the cutest thing ever? awe!

{Kate, will you marry me?}

move bitch, get out the way...get out the way...kidding. not really.
i'll proudly take that BIG gorgeous ring and marry you Prince William!


who doesn't love snooki? she's like a fun bite size snickers.
 the girl knows how to party like a champ (fist pump),
drink like a fish and says the funniest crap eva.

{Bush and the Tush}

ok, so maybe i'm the only person on earth
who'd like to see these two hotties back together.
shoot me! they are just two darn cute together!
wouldn't they make the cutest bushytushie babies!
get it? ahahahahaa. kidding.

{Vote for me, bitches!}

hmmmm...lady gaga for president?
very interesting.

{like mother, like daughter}

Halle Barry has the be one of the most beautiful women on earth.
and she even passed her great genes onto this little cutie pie.
i just love how effortlessly gorgeous they are.

{feel the wind on your skin..}

oh how i miss these lovely drama filled ladies.
i really enjoyed watching them, mainly because of their wonderful fashion taste.
but, also for their petty arguments, back stabbing ways,
crazy relationships, ideal jobs and awesome vacations.
R.I.P - The Hills

have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


melifaif said...

HELL YEAH, have a good one.

Adorably Distracted... said...

I love the pic of Kendra cause for a minute, i didn't think she was going to bounce back. And I feel like she's human because she had to work for it! lol

mixed girl said...


I know right...she struggled for a min. there, but don't we all!

Faith said...

What a fun post! Had the biggest smile on my face while I read it!

Have a great weekend!

Marz said...

Thanks for the celebrity fix! I LOVE the Proposal. I can watch it anytime! I always cry when Sandra tells Ryan why she got her tat and that she cried at work after being called a b*tch etc. Such a great movie!
And girl I want Reggie and Kim to get back together sooo bad too! They are one couple I miss so much!
Good luck on finals! :) Enjoy your weekend despite having to study so much

mixed girl said...

Thank you for the good luck wishes! Studying is going grreaat :)