Wednesday, December 29, 2010


have you ever felt misunderstood?

by definition: misunderstood -adj. : not properly or sympathetically understood: a misunderstood work of art; a misunderstood adolescent.

in my case, often times people perceive me as being cold, distant or rude when simply i am just a shy person. always have been. but, once i'm comfortable i tend to come out of my shell. and, then the party really gets started! :) i really am a likable person. well, in my opinion i am and i'm pretty sure a few others would vouch for me. they better! lets just say if i wasn't me, i'd want to be my friend. if that makes any sense? ha-ha. i'm a pretty nice, fun and easy person to talk to, and actually i am the "mother of advice" to all my close friends. i should start charging for real. kidding. like some, i guess my shyness comes out when i'm not in my comfort zone. as an adult, i've tried to work harder to not be so shy. i'm a work in progress, but aren't we all. i believe growth is one of life's greatest gifts. you aren't the same person you were yesterday. you are a better person.

okay, i'm getting a little off topic here. the reason be hide this post is because of a recent comment that was made. basically, a close friend of mine mentioned my relationship or lack of relationship with one of their close friends. now, i do not dislike this person, in fact, we have been in each others presence numerous times due to our mutual friend. however, it always seemed there were preconceived notions which existed between us. it all boils down to this...we never got to know each other. frankly, we never tried. you would think that we both would have at least tried to get to know each other due to our mutual friend being such an important person to both of us. long story short...i feel misunderstood. i feel like this person doesn't know me at all. and, honestly i do not know them all that well either.

yeah, they say {whoever "they" is} only get one shot at a first impression. and the golden rule as a child is, don't judge a book by its cover. sometimes people interpret things differently to what we intended to say. sometimes people are quick to judge before you open your mouth or the second you speak. sometimes people judge how you dress, how you write, or how you walk. sometimes you just can't win with some people. we are all guilty of this. shame on you...and me! i think as adults, we should be slow to judge each other...especially if you haven't even taken the time to truly get to know the person. i'm saying this now after hearing the comment that was made, and i think next time i feel myself judging someone else...i'll tell myself to shut up!

misunderstood, don't
don't let me be misunderstood, don't
i'm just human

misunderstood, by common


Adorably Distracted... said...

awww I liked you the first post I read! I know what you mean. People often get the wrong first impression of me just because I'm quiet at first or they assume I have a personality that I don't. But I like to think that once someone knows me they know i'm a good person at heart :)

Ashley said...

i think you'd be an amazing friend! i'd be friends with you too! ;) sometimes you just have to shake off the bad/rude comments !Happy wednesday girlie!

Megan said...

I totally know what you mean, sometimes for some reason, people just get the wrong first impression!! I hate that! I am really shy right off the bat, too!