Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pose for the camera.

i've been inspired.

Ashley over at run with me shared some gorgeous pictures taken of her.
{check out her blog. she rocks!}
I’ve always wanted to something like this, but have never been
bold or confident enough to go through with it.
after seeing Ashley’s beautiful pictures...i think i may just try it.
I've never done anything like this before, so it maybe a little challenging getting
comfortable in front of the camera. help please! ladies, any tips?
a co-worker of mine does some photography work on the side and she has mad skills.
we may just hook up and do a photo shoot of yours truly...
maybe after a shot or two, i'll be able to work the camera like a pro! kidding!

i need some ideas though...
what to wear.
how to pose.
funny or serious.
sexy or girl next door.
I’m an amateur...can't ya tell? lol
i kinda like these pictures below...

now if only i could be as fierce as beyonce...

she knows how to work the camera!

what do you think?
should i try it? hmmmm.....


Young and Fabulous said...

you totally should!! And since she is your co-worker, it shouldnt make it awkward so you'll be able to just be free!

I've done some before and its best to just be silly and have fun with it...that's what makes the best photos..naturalness! I think you'll do great and look gorrrgeous!


Sassy Amie said...

Ummm... YES!!! Sound like so much fun!! Loving your new header!

Kristyn said...

If you can be comfortable in front of the photographer, you will do just fine! I think you have gathered a lot of good poses to steal. Somehow I have a feeling you'll be good at this.

Bring a few changes of clothes. I love wearing black, but bright colors make for pretty pictures too.

Kai.Mercado. said...

I think you might have inspired me to do the same!!!

Emily said...

I say go for it. Let your friend, the photographer, direct you on how you should be. I bet they have great ideas.

All of those looks like so fun.

Ashley said...

First of all you are so sweet! your blog is so inspiring so that means a lot coming from you! secondly totally go for it!! it's so much fun and something awesome to have so your kids can look back and see what a rockstar their mama was! that was my 2nd shoot and both times i just took photos of shoots i liked. practice before and don't be afraid to tell the photographer you want a redo! you're gonna rock it! have fun love!

Megan said...

Ash's pictures were so fabulous! I definitely think that you should do it...and I KNOW that you will rock it!!

bananas. said...

do you have a macbook? if so, practice using photobooth. it's not intimidating when it's just you.

Nini said...

I know one thing's for sure your pics are gonna be fabulous and I can't wait to see them!

Rissy said...

love this idea! especially because I love Ashley.

I would definitely follow Rachel Bilson and Lea Michelle and wear basic black. Then no matter what is "in style" when you look back on them, you'll be happy with it.

Can't wait to see!


Chelsea said...

YES!! do it!

and i totally know how you feel... i would feel kind of uncomfortable but you only live once right?

and thats what they make photoshop for hehe

Marz said...

Ash you have to take the photos :) You are so beautiful and have such a fun, bubbly personality and I think that would come across so amazing in thise style of photos :) Do it! :) Because I already can't wait to see them! p.s. thanks for including my girl Brit Brit in the examples :)