Tuesday, May 24, 2011

lemme get...

If you could take certain body parts of any celebrity, model or athlete
 and build your own “perfect, dream or ideal” body…

Who’s what would you steal?

For some reason this popped in my head this morning while i was
getting ready for work. Yes, I’m strange and think of odd stuff like this.

Any, woo…let begin building my dream body…

 adriana lima's lips
who else can make a seductive pouty look like her?

kelly ripa's rip, yet sexy lady-like arms

 halle berry's perky and decent size breasts

jessica alba's washboard abs 

jessica biel's booty

jessica simpson's musclar legs

if i could just borrow them for the summer...totally kidding! ha! 
yeah right! off to the gym i go :)

 I’m very content with my own body, but of course as a woman living in our society and the struggles we endure with our bodies…it’s only natural to admire someone who gets to work out for 5 hours each day! :)


Young and Fabulous said...

COMPLETELY AGREE with adriana ...she is gorgeous and has the best looking lips haha

and jessica's booty? dayyyum

love this post

i'll take any of these plz


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

yes...i'll have all of those please!

oh to be paid to look hot...

Emily said...

Haha, you're funny. Jessica Biel's legs are SO toned in that picture. I'd want her legs I think.

Kristyn Ellen said...

This is a fun game.

Adriana is GORGEOUS.
I love her look. Along with Nikki Reed and Penelope Cruz. I'd either want to go very exotic looking or platinum blonde. Because those are two things I will never be, ha! Comparatively... I'm a bit of a borefest. :)

ST said...

I'd be happy to have any of those gorgeous ladies features! Great choices.

Ashley said...

oh man - i totally think this ALL the time. and you picked all my favs - always clip pics of them! :)

Faith said...

seriously, what i would do to have any of their bodies for the summer!

i should have gone to the gym tonight ... ahhh ... i'll go tomorrow!

Sassy Amie said...

You picked out some great features!!

Anonymous said...

if i had the money and time to work out that much, heck, i'd look pretty darn good, too! but, i'm happy with what i got, i do agree, a girl can dream! i guess i prefer toned (athletic) bodies than skinny but not necessarily with all the six-pack. i really like lolo jones and gabby reece.

Tucker said...

let me know if they lend them to you ... i'll take them when the next time they aren't loaned out (: