Wednesday, May 25, 2011

girls, i need some advice...pllleeeaasseeee!

i have absolutely no friggin' idea what to pack for my trip.

this never happens to me.


i've been mentally packing for weeks now, so you'd think i'd have no problem.
 but, now i'm struggling with what to bring. ughhhhh!!!

yes, i'm literally pouting like a five year-old.
i just hate traveling a million miles away and than thinking...
"dang, i should have brought that jacket or dress"...

i've been stalking the weather in Chicago like all week...
i've pretty much memorized the weather forecast for the next week or so. so sad.

any suggestions?

also, anyone ever been to Chicago?
i'm trying to get a list together of things i'd like to do or see.

all suggestions are welcome and very much appreciated.

thank you :)


Evie said...

ooo girl, I lived in Chicago for 5 years and let me tell you, that weather does not heat up until like midway through June unless you get an unlikely streak of warm weather! I would pack things that can be easily layered and put on or taken off depending on the weather. cardigans and a pair of ankle length straight leg jeans will be your best friends.

Kristyn Ellen said...

For shopping Michigan Avenue, of course. Water Tower Place, Wicker Park area shops, State and Oak Street... I love the Shedd Aquarium and the Art Institute. The Children's Museum is fun. The Tribune Tower is a really interesting old building. Haha, I'm into those. As is the Wrigley Building. Navy Pier is always fun... you could go for a stroll by the lake. All of the food is good, so, I don't feel the need to give suggestions. It's all good. (I'm originally from 45 miles outside of Chicago)

I struggle packing too! I would bring a few jackets, gladiator sandals and wedge heels. Dresses are easiest to pack and decide on - for me at least. Other than that I'd pack at least one pair of shorts, one pair of jeans and casual pants.. like city chinos or something along those lines. How many days are you going to be there?

If you need more suggestions email me! You'll have so much fun!

Molly said...

Ahhh CHICAGO, jealous!!! Depending on the weather I would take comfy clothes like jeans + cute shirt and maybe cardigan if cooler? I just look good but be comfy :) I love Chicago! Wish I could tell you cool thing to do but I went during Christmas time and did all things wintery! HAVE FUN!

Emily said...

I've never been to Chicago, but all I think when I hear the city is cold cold cold. I would think of packing long sleeved stuff but I'm the worst over packer I know. Sorry I can't help. =/

ST said...

I love Chicago! I would pack jeans, maybe a few pretty dresses, cute tops that you can layer, a few cardigans and ballet flats.

Have fun on your trip!

Faith said...

awww, i really wish i could help! i've never been so i have no idea what type of weather Chicago is seeing these days.

Megan said...

I've never been, but it's always SO hard for me to pack for a long time. Good luck!!