Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the meaning be hide the history.

the month of February is important part of our history... why?

Dr. Carter G. Woodson originally initiated the meaning of this symbolic month. He founded Negro History Week, in 1926 in order to bring attention to all of the contributions of black people throughout American history. We now recognize formerly Negro History Week, as Black History Month. The second week of February was chosen for Negro History Week because it marks the birthdays of two men who greatly influenced the black American population, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. This month is also celebrated for the several historical events that occurred in the month of February. These events forever impacted the lives of African-Americans, such as the Fifteenth Amendment of the United States giving them the right to vote. The right to vote...something many of us take for granted. This month is not only important to African-Americans, but to all Americans because it highlights all of the contributions made to our society by African-Americans.

The F.W. Woolworth building in Greensboro, NC is not too far away from my home. Last year, the city of Greensboro finally decided to make this historical building The International Civil Right Center & Museum. I plan on visiting the museum this month. On February 1, 1960 in Greensboro NC, four freshmen from  the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College would do a sit-in at a Woolworth lunch counter that would turn into a civil rights milestone.

Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond, and Ezell Blair, Jr.,

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing and fearless people in our history for all of their contributions to our society. THANK YOU!!!

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bananas. said...

aside from being my birthmonth, february is my favorite month because of this very reason. how cool is it that my birthmonth is also the same month that celebrates and honors equality and those that fought to make that happen!

Faith said...

i love this post! hope you had a gorgeous day! :)