Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet.” - Carrie Bradshaw

i'd like to show you the fabulous closet i have...yes, in my dreams it looks just like the closet above. 

in my closet dreams, i also have all of my jimmy choo's, manolo blahnik's, and christian louboutin's
set up just like the beautiful and crazy talented ms. Christina Aguilera. amazing how we both have the same taste.

like i said people...those are just dreams.

so here is my reality...

i have way too many clothes, shoes, purses, etc. for my tiny closet :(

i've never had close to 40 dresses in my entire life. never.

as i've gotten older, my fetish for dresses has grown.
there is just something so attractive about woman in a dress.
and if you're short like me...throw some heels on with it!

okay, so 20 pairs of jeans...
i know some people who have way more and i've actually gotten rid of some.
every girl needs a nice pair of jeans. or a couple few ;)

52 pairs of shoes includes: boots, heels, sandals, flats, tennis shoes...

i have way too many pairs of heels. for one...i have to wear them to work everyday and
um, hello...shorty over here. i like to feel tall like everyone else sometimes. lol

my all time favorite store is....drum roll pleassee.....


for my birthday last month, i got a $25 gift card to TJ MAXX.
last week i'm shopping (go figure) and i spot the lovely Jessica Simpson purse above.
what a beauty! originally, this purse was $80 bucks! TJ MAXX's price was $40 bucks!
Ashley's price was around $18 bucks with tax and using my $25 gift card! talk about a deal!

if you're familiar with the store EXPRESS, than you probably know what fast cash is.
anyway, i had a $25 fast cash coupon (basically free money) and i got these cute simple black sandals.
i can't wait for the warm weather to come, so i can rock these cuties!

every morning this is me.

i stand in front of my closet complaining i have nothing to wear.
ha, yeah right sista girl!

do any of you ladies ever feel like you have nothing to wear, but have a closet full of clothes?


ema.leigh said...

yes!! Happens to me every morning. I often feel that I wear the same things over and over again. Need to go play in my closet and find more clothes. LOVE the dream closets!!

Marz said...

I wish I had 40 dresses in my closet!!! I always feel like I have nothing to wear! I love your dream closets, but I wouldn't mind going shopping in your actual closet either haha ;)

Taylor said...

I someday wish to have a big closet and a vanity to do my makeup :) how dreamy! I am impressed with your collection of dresses, I love sundresses in the summer time. There is nothing I would rather wear! :)

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

love your bag!! and i also really enjoy wearing dresses :)

Brandi said...

Yay for dresses! It's so funny that I read this today because I was just telling my husband earlier that I want to go on a dress shopping spree! I just want all dresses for the upcoming spring and summer seasons! I feel most comfortable in dresses and they're just the easiet to wear. You don't have to pair them with a top or bottom and try to figure that whole thing out. Just throw on a dress, some heels and some accessories and you're good to go! :)

Ashley said...

I love dresses! Thats probably why I have so many! LOL. In the Summer my wardrobe is mostly dresses!

Faith said...

hahaha, i just love this post!

yes, i have so many clothes in my closet but nothing i want to wear! i can't wait for spring time! shopping here i come!