Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life is short... running makes it seem longer.

allow me to introduce...my running crew.

i realize its been a while since i've updated ya'll on my running thang. shame on me. i know.
so anyways, as ya know i've been running since about late october and just recently started running with the group of ladies above. [see me on the end...the short one] let me just tell you...they are pretty bad ass. we run three days out of the week. whew! last year this time, i would have laughed if you told me i would be running 6 miles on saturday morning at 7:15 am. whooooo?? meeee???? runnn?? yeah right, buddy! it is truly amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind and heart into something. i've learned to love running and the best part are the results i've gotten from doing it. my clothes have never fit better and i feel good. the motivation i receive from running with a group is awesome and its nice to be held accountable. saturday runs are the best...we run around 6-7 miles and then have breakfast...hence saturday runs being called run to breakfast :)

can running make you look this hott???
 jessica alba is one of my girl crushes. what a doll.
 {i need a dress like that in my life}

back to running...

this is typically our weekly running schedule:

Here's this week's runs:
 Monday: cross train

Tuesday: GDS track night. If anyone wants to meet at my house by 5:30pm, we can all carpool it to the track for 6pm. Warm-up: 10-15 minutes (1 mile), 3-4 X 800 (2 times around) at a fast pace, walk or jog 400 (one lap) for recovery- 800 cool down, relaxed pace -Total mileage: 3.5-4 miles

Wednesday: cross train

Thursday: Meet at my house at 5:30pm for a tempo run. We'll run 10-15 minutes warm-up, then hold a quicker pace for 15 minutes, 10-15 minute cool down. We'll run the same route we did last Thursday, 4.14 miles.

Friday: REST!! (my favorite day of the week...kidding)

Saturday: Run to breakfast 3...Jake's Diner on New Garden Rd.
http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4261122 6.79 miles
http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4261103 8.65 miles

Sunday: Active recovery, just get out and move some.

piece of cake, right?


Marz said...

I wish I was part of your running crew!!! I would LOVE to be part of a running group :) I am so proud of you! Especially after reading your schedule! My husband's ultimate girl crush is Jessica Alba :)

Adorably Distracted... said...

that's freaking awesome! Maybe I'll start my own running group... or most likely I probably won't. I wish i lived near you because I would totally join your run to breakfast. :)

Ashley said...

@ Marianne: That would be awesome for you to be apart of the group! I could certainly use your motivation and kind words everyday :) It's so much fun! Thank you girl! haha, ms. alba is a hottie.

@adorably distracted: you should...or not. lol. oh, girl the runs to breakfast are well worth it! thanks!

melifaif said...

Oh you are better than me girl! Keep it up though...it is so completely healthy for you!!!

Ashley said...

this post makes me so happy! i love hearing about other woman running. you look amazing!

j alba is totally my girl crush too - she's amazeballs!

Megan said...

This is amazing!! You are such an inspiration!!