Friday, September 9, 2011


gosh, i miss you guys and blogging...

this whole move is taking wayyyy tooooo much of my time.

pinky swear once i can pull myself out of all of these boxes, stop working sooooo much overtime and finally get internet at home...I'LL BE BACK!

good news...i'm officially a resident of good ole' PA :)
any fellow bloggers around dezzz parts???


inHERshoes said...

i know right?! that is why when i moved, i made a commitment to make sure everything got unpacked in 2.5 days! yes, i know crazy, right?! but i couldn't live my life for another week in boxes! it was worth it, there was very little left of me after that weekend but i was able to come back soon ASAP! LOL

Marz said...

I miss you!!!!! Can't wait until you're back :) Congratulations Miss PA! :) Hope you're loving your new home xo

Faith said...

i miss you too and the ray of sunshine i always get when i visit! hope everything gets in order that way i can stalk you, hehe ... in the most nicest, not creepy way ever! :)