Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the girls who have my heart.

Life is funny in the sense that we sometimes cross paths with people
in the most unexpected ways imaginable and that these chance
 encounters can touch our hearts in the sweetest of places.
p.s. thank you for all the congrats on my new job and move!!! soooo excited :)


Emily said...

That's cool you got to swim with dolphins! Great pictures!

Ashley said...

i think you forgot to steal one of my facebook pics for this...tooottaallly kidding! ;)

so excited for you and your new job!!

Anonymous said...

it is soooo true!! i just experienced that this past year being close friends with 5 other women bloggers and now we finally met (in vegas, baby!) and we're truly the friends we've always meant to be, we just didn't know it yet until this past weekend!

Taylor said...

I love friends :)

P.S. A belated congrats to your new JOB!!! I go to school very very close to Shippensburg, PA. I hope you love the rugged PA terrain ;) Leaving NC will be hard, but you will always have it! And if you're with the same job, that makes life a whole lot easier for the transition. Best of luck to you!! You can do it!

Marz said...

All those girls are lucky to have you in their lives!!! Maybe one day a photo of me and you will be on a collage like this ;)