Wednesday, July 6, 2011

get outta here with that mess.

Negative words and negative outcomes have no place in your mind or conversations.
 To remove negativity from your life, first you must start with your vocabulary.
 Be aware of the words you are using and the words your associates are using. Words do have power.
To defend yourself from these negative effects, sometimes you have do have to change your environment and the people who you associate with on a regular basis. 

what's so wrong with trying to be happy?


Nini said...

I agree with this whole heartedly girl. Now get to work on that vision board! Lol!

melifaif said...

Such a firm believer in this!!!!! It is true. Layla gets a talkin' to when she says, I CAN't!" Oh yes you can.....and you will. ;-) Great post lady.

Emily said...

What IS so wrong with being happy!? Ever hear people say, why does she have to be so chipper all the time?

Like it's such a horrible thing for someone to be happy on a regular basis.

Sam {} said...

yay for cheerful people!!! love all those optimists out there :)

Ashley said...

so true girlfriend!!! so true!

Faith said...

:) so true!!! i love this post! such an important thing to remember in our every day living.

Sarah Grecco said...

I agree! The word no and can't are not part of my daily dialogue.....I really prefer positive friends too. Energy lifters not energy suckers!

Get Up & Go

inHERshoes said...

totally agree. i think there are just people who want others to be miserable because they are. i beg to differ, i think that people who are happy, or recognizing little things in life that make them happy, are the ones that make a difference.