Wednesday, August 25, 2010

eat pray love...and eat some more?

i finally went to see the famous eat pray love staring the beautiful julia roberts. love her! who doesn't?!? her laugh is contagious! i have to say, i really enjoyed this movie! bravo!!! the cast...two thumbs up! especially, the yummy james franco. omg! locations...from italy, to india, ending in indonesia...lets give it another thumbs up! and lastly, all of the mouth watering pasta, she got to eat for four months straight. are you friggen' kidding me!?! although, i cant say i know a lot of people who would do something like she did in this movie...still sounds nice. eh? unhappy with your life? hey, just divorce your husband, pack yo shit, start dating some young handsome man and then travel for a year to three different countries. sounds ideal huh?
yeah, i think so too.

so, after seeing the movie...i decided to pick up the book.
i've heard its better than the movie, so we'll see. i'll let ya know!
just some advice before seeing this movie, make sure you eat!
i swear my belly was screamin' for some pasta while miss julia stuffed her face in italy.

so, there's my ebert's review: two thumbs wayyyy up!

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