Friday, July 2, 2010

what can i a twi-hard

yes, i hereby confess my obsession for the twilight series.

in all honesty it is VERY hard not to get sucked into this passionate and nail biting story. at first i couldn't understand what all the craze was about...vampires and werewolves? i mean really? and then it all started, once i saw twilight for the first time.i was instantly hooked. {probably by vampires fangs} the forbidden, taboo and innocent first love between bella and edward is every girls dream. duh, that's why we twi-hard fans go gaga for the twilight series. the way edward stares at bella and speaks to her...and then there is jacob...oh dear jacob. mygoodness that's one good looking fella. what i wouldn't let him do to me. ok, thinking out loud now. i love the resistance bella has for jacob because its pretty clear shes in love with him too. the love triangle between the three main characters keeps you on the edge of your seat and you feel for the characters. at one point or another someone of us have experience first love or love triangles and can relate, and that's what makes twilight super duper awesome. people are drawn to things they can relate to. now i cant say i can relate to my best friend being a werewolf or my boyfriend being a vampire, but you get what i'm saying. all i want to know is where do i sign up for an edward or jacob?

yay for eclipse coming out. way to make my weekend even more awesome :)

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