Monday, June 7, 2010

who does she think she is?!?!

{2 yrs old. taken in hawaii}

my second post of my new blog...what should i write about? what better topic then me. exciting huh? for some of you who may not know me very well or at all; here goes nothing…

whats the story be hide the blog title?

what are you? that’s the first question i get when i meet someone new...and in my head im thinking….seriously? well, allow me to introduce myself…mixed girl is who i am…the "politically" correct term would be bi-racial. now my racial background does not define who i am, but its something i embrace and take pride in. my mother is from a country in south america called panama and my father is from the good ‘ol U.S. of A. hes caucasian. so, yeah that would make me a mutt.

born in fort bragg…which is the army town of fayetteville, nc. that would make me an army brat. anyone who knows anything about the army knows moving is pretty much standard, so that’s what my family did. we moved to honolulu, hawaii for about five years where my younger sister was born and then moved back to north carolina. why? why? why? can you imagine how my life would be now…living on a beautiful sandy island, wearing swim suits 24/7, having a year around glowing tan, possibly learning how to surf and hula…WTH? back to reality…now, i’m not talking smack about the great tar heel state, but c’mon who wouldn’t wanna live in freakin hawaii? don’t lie. just think you could be sitting on the beach right now with one of those fruity drinks with the umbrellas; you know the ones im talking about…

any hoo, back to mixed girl…im a pretty simple lady with a huge heart. i love love love my family and the close, small circle of friends i have. some may say im a little old fashioned and a huge nerd. i love to read. i have a strange obsession with the new york yankees. yes, i can admit that and it has nothing to do with the fact that um hello they have like the BEST looking players around. Ohmygod! ok, let me stop.

ice cream…that’s one of my many weaknesses. who doesn’t have a weakness when it comes to food. don’t judge me. im a huge girlie girl, but don’t let that fool ya…i can get down and dirty too. however, if i could wear dresses everyday of the week i would. theres just nothing more feminine then a cute dress with a sexy pair of high heels – another favorite of mine because, yes, im a shorty

not a morning person at all. yes, i was one of the kids my mom would have to literally drag me out of bed. don’t talk to me until about 9:30 a.m. on most days. love to take pictures…not of myself…just other people. although im not a very talented photographer i still like to take them. i have a loud laugh, especially when somethings really funny to me and then my shoulders bounce a little…my family picks on me about this. i still send mail through the postal service – in this day and age email can be so impersonal and who doesn’t like getting mail out of their mail box? (Minus the bills type of mail) you can always find me touching my hair…it’s a habit i hate, but typically when im nervous, bored, waiting around for something or someone, or maybe feeling a little flirty – guarantee i will almost always have one of my hands twisting or messing with my hair. love surprises, but will demand hints because im like a little kid and just cant wait. love the outdoors, but am also content with staying in and doing absolutely nothing at all.

25 years old and trying to piece together my life one day at a time. im a single gal who one day would like to marry the mysterious prince charming…you know the guy who rides around on the white horse and kisses you so passionately your left breathless? maybe have 5 kids, 3 dogs and a fish. big house with a paula dean type of kitchen and carrie bradshaw walk-in bedroom closet. lets not forget the white picket fence…fairy tale style...too much? hey, its my dream not yours.

ok, its lunch time. toddles for now…i think i shared a little more then originally planned, but that’s alright at least were not strangers anymore.

until next time folks…take care.

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