Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I want a man that...

loves God more than he loves me.

will make silly YouTube videos with me.

knows I'll love him as much as humanly possible, but God will always be my #1.

has goals for himself, us as a couple, and dreams big.

plays golf with my dad.

is kind and respectful to others.

understands my obsession with Lifetime.

knows I’ll be his biggest advocate.

will take me to sporting events and explain the rules of the game to me.

can make me laugh until I pee my pants.

likes to brag about what a good woman he has. (I promise to do the same)

knows how to use a set of tools.

knows his way around the kitchen.

pays attention to my wants and needs.

will love my huge head of messy, curly hair.

won't get mad when he sees strands of my curly hair on the wall in the shower.

opens doors and my chair for me.

will hold my hand when I’m scared, or just because he feels like it.

let’s me put my cold feet on his, so mine can get warm.

has manners.

will tell me I’m beautiful, especially on the days I feel ugly.

will let me sleep-in on Saturday mornings sometimes.

prays with me.

be understanding that I am not a morning person whatsoever.

can handle my corniness.

will stay by my side during the good and not so good times.

cuddle with me. everyday.

can deal with my crazy family during the holidays.

will understand he should have expectations of his own.

knows i will always respect him and those expectations.

will workout with me.

lives a healthy lifestyle.

won’t be afraid to open up his heart to me and let me in.

will accept my friends as his own.

fixes me breakfast in bed.

will support, motivate and challenge me.

respects my mind, body and heart.

understands my obsession with taking tooo many pictures, and doesn’t mind being my subject sometimes.

realizes I’m human and will make mistakes sometimes.

will forgive me when I make these mistakes, and I promise to do the same.

will just love me for me.

being that i'm currently not dating anyone, i frequently get asked what kinda man i want.
i'm a simple gal and i don't ask for much. these are just a couple of my thoughts...


Law_Fal said...

this is a great list..........

Faith said...

I love, love, love this!

You'll have it :)