Monday, October 24, 2011

weekend recaps are the best.

oh, monday...

repeat after me..."this is gonna be a great week"



because i said so :)

soooooo, yesterday i literally spent the whole day shopping.

i never do that. seriously.

i drove down to hagerstown, md and visited the prime outlets.

here are some of my lovely purchases...

{1} :: aldo purse - on sale for $15
{2} ::  two new good reads for my inner nerd :)
{3} :: few shirts, cardigan and dress from banana republic - all on sale
{4} ::  necklace and bracelet from banana - on sale  and...michael kors watch - not on sale, but sooooo worth it because i've been eyeing it forever!!
i spent a tiny bit more than planned, but sometimes you just gotta treat yourself ;) and, since i rarely splurge on myself...i thought go head and buy it! i mean, seriously who would pass up a $15 dollar purse and i needed a fall purse! all of the items from banana are for work! i really needed some new work clothes. and, i have no excuse for the watch. i just really wanted it! so, i got it! no buyers remorse here..ahahaha :) at least almost everything i purchased was on sale!!! ok, so that totally justifies my purchases. i feel better now. lol.

miss brandi just posted her re-cap of our blate, so i "borrowed" one her pics from our blate ;)

isn't she gorg?!? go check out her bloggy now... Home Team Dreams
happy monday :)

p.s. check out my vlog about the blate on my previous post :)


Erin said...

What a fun weekend of shopping! I think I have that watch...and it was worth it...I was obsessed with it too! :) Blate! How fun!

Nini said...

Aren't blates fun? You ladies are all smiles so it must have been

Courtney B said...

You go girl! You totally deserve to treat yourself ;) What a perfect weekend!
Ah that's so exciting you got to meet Brandi! How fun :)

Jamie said...

I LOVE that Michael Kors mens watch. Gorgeous.

Bonnie said...

Your bag is just divine! I love the colors and the structure.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

inHERshoes said...

doesn't it feel good to buy something you've always wanted and been saving for?! yes, michael kors watches and anything else that has his name on is worth it! hahaah

i love your blate! always exciting to meet people! hope you are well my dear!

Lawgirl said...

haha at Blate. It took me longer than it should've to figure that out! You have wicked pretty eyebrows. And yes, that does sound kind of weird now that I typed it.

Sam {} said...

loving the new purse!! you got some awesome deals :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Love all things you were able to get!! There's nothing like treating yourself from time to time. :)

That's a great picture of both of you! I'll have to go over there and read what she said.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes
ps..loving your new banner. Love the pictures.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Sounds like you had a great successful shopping weekend. Banana Republic is one of my favorite stores..yeay for sales! I am with you.. I told Monday it was going to be a great week too!

Faith said...

ahhh, i just love shopping weekends. they are the best! you got some good things too! you def. deserved to treat yourself.

i just LOVE that picture of you and Brandi ... you both are so pretty!

Megan said...

It's definitely fun to splurge sometimes!! You really do deserve it!! Love that watch!

Steph said...

Shopping is so good for the soul :) Every once in a while, you gotta spoil yourself! You are so worth it!
Have a great week!
xo Steph

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I want to know what those books are! The one on the left looks interesting and looks alarmingly (from this angle) like Lauren Astley who was murdered this year by her boyfriend.. (both were about to go to college), I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer! Just wondering if her parents wrote a book or something but i'm guessing i"m just wayyy off. haha. You both are gorgeous blaters, how fun!

The Arizona Russums said...

banana republic outlet! you cannot go wrong there! well...unless you spend too much money i guess. ha!

Megan said...

aww i LOVE brandi!! jealous.

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

hagerstown is great! i love it.
SOOOO my love, have you heard about this:

I know you are a little far away BUT as soon as i registered, I thought of you. how fun would that be?

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Hagerstown!!! We have family there too! lol! Only about a 40-45 min drive for me! Such good deals at the Prime Outlets! :)

I almost bought Maria Menounos' book the other week too! Can't believe I put it back. Ugh.