Thursday, October 13, 2011

trying to be better.

Remember the road to finding ultimate success & happiness is not a straight path or pothole free.

It winds, has sudden sharp turns, & sometimes several
detours you must explore before you finally get to the end.

Don't get discouraged when you head on direction w/ one destination in mind & when you get lost.

Explore the many detours that could lead you there & to other places because...there always... ARE better ways & sometimes even better paths for you.

Remember: you won't know or find them unless you stay persistent & keep trying.

Yes. There ARE a few roads that leads you to success.

Explore your options.

Try new paths OR detours if you feel
like you aren't on right one!

Stay aware, be brave, proactive, & inspire yourself. :)

in other news...
i love signing onto blogger and reading sooo many inspiration, funny and cute blogs. even when i'm feeling a little guys always know how to make a girl cheer up :) have you ever read a post that makes you go hmmmm?? i read a post the other day that really hit some with me. to sum it up...basically words can be used as weapons. sometimes, i can fight nasty...when it comes to words. this isn't something i'm proud of and i really try to be more careful with what i say and how i say it. but, when your hurting, all of consideration goes out the window sometimes. however, thats no excuse. i've def said some mean stuff in the last couple days and of course, instantly regretted saying them. {i just need to carry around a roll of duck tape} in all seriousness...i need to learn to "fight" fair! i'm sorry...can only go so far once the damage has been done.

how do you control yourself during heated arguments or
stop yourself from lashing out on someone because your hurting?


Young and Fabulous said...

this post makes me happy!

i must agree on jumping on blogger and finding awesome, inspirational, hilarious things. i am SO glad i joined blogger that short year ago!!


melifaif said...

I don't. And say sorry a lot. Nah, not really ALOT!!!! But, push my buttons? You will catch my wrath. But you gotta be mashing on those buttons like usually....if you catch my wrath, you deserved it!!! lol. I bet you are the same way. I can't see you as a MEAN GIRL!?! Hope you are well sweetie!

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Don't beat yourself up about it Ashley. As long as you recognize that there are some things that you can do better and are making an effort that's what matters. It's something that I have to work on too. Once I'm heated, I feel that I MUST express it! I've learned to consider what I want to say before saying's hard though. The tough girl in me would love to rip someone a new one when I'm upset but that doesn't represent the heart of who I try to give myself a cool down period before speaking. The key word here being TRY. lol

inHERshoes said...

my mom always says to fight fair, no name calling, none of that ugly crap. but she said, no matter what, you have to be honest. even if the truth will hurt other people. amen to that.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I'm the same way. Really needing to be intentional with what I say. And mindful.

Harmful words really do stick around a lot longer than sweet words in someone's mind. I've learned that the hard way. Happy Friday to you!! :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

The Arizona Russums said...

oooh. my words. they can be so ugly sometimes. usually what helps the most is to stop talking and cling to a Bible verse. (have joy, tame the tongue, love your neighbor...whatever it may be!)

♥●• ─░zdiher •●♥ said...

what a beautiful post .Your wa of explaing things is awesome .Folowing you .

Follow back.

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

that is something i still have to be aware of and work on everyday LOL.

Ashley said...

amazing post! love that last sentence about staying aware and brave and being proactive!

and i am LOVING your photo booth side bar pics - you have amazing hair!

happy sunday sweet friend!


Faith said...

such an amazing post! i miss you! :)

and it is so true, getting on blogger sometimes lift my spirits. it is so nice to be in the company of so many amazing and inspirational people, like yourself!

Nini said...

Catching up on my blog reading and seeing lost of posts with funny faced pictures been laughing all morning. Reading your blog especially always lifts my spirits Ashley.

Megan said...

I love love love this post!!! I love the last words, "inspire yourself." You have a great way of saying things!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Loving the inspiration!!! It definitely winds and ebbs and flows :) and I love Blogging too and seeing everyone's thoughts and lives :)

Erin said...

What a lovely post! :) Thanks for finding me! I'm loving your blog already :)