Friday, September 17, 2010

Blushing pink bridal shower.

{Candy table filled with pink candy made by yours truly}

{pink cupcakes, yum yum}

{strawberries and creamy cool chocolate fondue}

{the gorgeous blushing bride herself}

{couple of friends, bridal party, and the beautiful bride}

{bridesmaids and maid of honor -> me}

last weekend, as the official duty of the maid of honor; i threw one of my best friends a bridal shower, and whew am i glad its finally over. i put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making this day very special for her because she's one of my best friends and i care for her dearly. the theme of the party was pink, obviously for the blushing brides favorite color and she absolutely loved it. i created the pink candy table and it was a hit! especially for the bride since she has such a sweet tooth. she always has candy for me when i come over. {such a bad influence she is}

overall, the shower was a success and the bride enjoyed herself. now, this weekend her family members are throwing her a bridal shower, and were also going out for her bachelorette party! boy, am i ready to get all dolled up, drink way too much and make the bride wear a bunch of penis stuff.

have a good weekend, kids.

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