Wednesday, August 14, 2013

thoughts that should probably stay in my head. oh well.

Random people that tell me how awesome my big ball of curls are.
Lets trade?! Pluh-leeeze.

Early morning workouts.
You will be the death of me.

My heart.
Please make up your mind.

Healthy eating.
You are changing my life. Thank you.

January 2014.
I'm counting down until you make your grand appearance. #bigthingspoppin

His voice.
Lawd have mercy.

People who make me laugh.
Like holding my belly, almost pee in my pants laugh.
I love you.

Wishy washy people.

My sweet baby nephew, Gabriel.
Seriously. This kid melts my heart.

Mean people.
There's a special place in youknowwhere for you.

Squats, lunges and dead lifts.
You betta make this ass grow.

Sleeping in King size beds every other week.
I'm selfish, and don't ever see myself sharing a bed.
Like, ever. Again.

Fitting into my size four pants.

 40 year old people that are still clubbing.
God, I hope that's not me.

People who use social networking sites to send subliminal messages.
Grow the eff up and just talk to the person.

The best thing slice bread.

Hearing from someone you haven't spoken to in a long time.
Hello rush of emotions.
Damn you, heart, damn you.

 Delta Airlines.
Layovers. Suck big balls.


MelissaMichelle said...

This. is HILARIOUS. Definitely following to

Carla said...

my heart and my hair..

heavy sigh.