Friday, January 13, 2012

happy biirrtthhdddayyy toooo meeeee!!!

don't ask how old i am...
{okay, fine. i'll tell ya. we are friends after all}



my mommy sent me this email:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter Ashley. I’m very proud of you Ashley and I give thanks to the good Lord for you. I miss you and I love you so so much. I don’t care how old you are, you are still my one and only Baby, my Elaine. God Bless you my Baby. Love MOM"

shortly, she called to sing me happy birthday in English and Spanish.

yeah, i cried.

thanks A LOT, mom!

can't help it.

i miss my mommy :('s been a good day.

receiving calls, emails, texts and FB notifications all day really makes a girl feel special.

on top of cube was decorated, my co-workers took me out to lunch and bought me an ice cream cake! yum!


hope twenty-seven treats me darn good!!


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Happy birthday! :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Happy happy Happy birthday to you!!!

27 isn't THAT old, you're still a pup. ;)

SO glad you're being flooded with calls,texts and notes of Bday love.

have a great Birthday weekend. :)

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Erin said...

Happy Birthday beautiful!!! :) I hope you have a wonderful day of fun celebrations!!

Alisha said...

Aww, that's the sweetest email EVER!! Happy birthday, dear friend! :)


Alisha said...

PS. LOVE your new bloggy make-over!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great birthday weekend!! :)

Faith said...

happy birthday!

just so you know ... 27 was my absolute most favorite year to date! hoping only the absolute best for you this year!

Ashley @ Luce said...

happy birthday beautiful ashley!!! xoxo

Ashley said...

aww moms are the best! that is so sweet! hoping 27 is your bets year ever!

Mrs. H said...

I'm a bit late but I hope it was great. Happy belated birthday doll!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

I'm late....but Happy Happy Birthday girlfran :-)

Vale ♥ said...

A very happy birthday to you !
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Erin said...

you are so cute girl! just found your blog, now following :)

happy belated birthday! i look forward to reading more of your posts!


Christina said...

Happy belated birthday! And for your birthday (no, not really, but it can be if you like...) I gave your blog an award! Go see for yourself at my blog-


Just found your blog, so HAPPY b'DAY.


meme-and-he said...

happy 27th!!! and that letter from your mom is darling :)